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7 Ideas For The Perfect Wedding Cake

Tuesday 6th August 2013

If there’s one thing that everyone remembers about a wedding, aside from the groom nervously fumbling his vows or the bride making her entrance, it’s the cake. Displayed for all to see, it acts as a focal point for the celebrations when the bride and groom make that first cut, and then everyone shares in the tasting. Here are some wedding cake ideas that range from the simple to the ornate, any of which will make the perfect centrepiece for your dream wedding.

1. Classic Fruit Cake


This is the traditional base used for wedding cakes, thanks to its ability to support multiple tiers and its longevity. Cover this with our marzipan and you’ve got an easy cake that suits a classic white wedding. See our fruit cake recipe here >>

2. Lace Wedding Cake

lace-wedding-cake-ideaWant your cake to match your dress? Then it makes perfect sense to decorate a cake with lace applique. You can use sugar paste pressed into moulds to create elegant patterns which can then be applied to the cake with cooled boiled water, as in this beautiful example. You can use a few well-placed appliques for eye-catching detail, or make the cake a textural masterpiece. Thanks to Sugared Saffron for the image.

3. Unique Wedding Cake


It is always fun to make a cake that will have special meaning for the couple. This wonderful cake by The Little Cherry Cake Company was for a Rockabilly themed wedding. The tattoo and swallow decorations are hand-made and painted, so present a real challenge to execute successfully. The vibrant colours and skull make this an exciting alternative to a traditional white cake!

4. Jewellery Cake


Just like the wedding dress, a cake can be perfectly complimented by some tasteful jewellery. Look at how this cake by Sugar Garden Cakes uses a couple of antique brooches to embellish an otherwise classic, pastel hued cake, also reflecting the current trend for more vibrantly coloured wedding cakes.

5. Ribbon Cakes

milano-mini-cakes-ribbon-wedding-cake If you want something a bit different to the usual multi-tiered white cake, then how about these mouth-watering individual miniature wedding cakes? Plus you can coordinate your colour theme with the ribbon flourish just as Maisie Fantaisie has.

6. Rainbow Heart Cake

The eye-catching, bright colours of this cake (see above for Rainbow Heart Cake) would suit a contemporary-style wedding. Because the decoration is made by using a cutter it’s a good option for beginners who have dreams of crafting their own wedding cake.

7. Vintage Cake


This cake by The Little Venice Cake Company takes a vintage white wedding cake and brings it to life with exquisitely detailed, hand-crafted sugar paste flowers and intricately piped royal icing detail. The great thing about this cake is the ivory fits the classic look of a wedding and the flowers can then be coloured to fit your colour scheme for the day.

Have you crafted a creative wedding cake? Been to a wedding recently? We would love to see them! Please post your cakes on our facebook page (we’ll be sharing them too) >>