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5 top tasty treats for Wimbledon

Thursday 30th June 2016

It’s that time of year again, when tennis fans become more excited than ever and non-tennis fans become… well, tennis fans. Andy Murray may have put an end to the country’s 77-year wait for a Men’s Singles Champion, but his extraordinary success has done nothing to minimise the excitement or suspense of the event amongst the UK public.

Will Murray do it again, will a young wildcard come from nowhere, or will one of our nation’s women achieve what hasn’t been managed since Virginia Wade lifted the trophy? Time will tell.

Why not invite some friends over to watch some of this year’s Wimbledon? Biting our nails, hiding behind cushions and making failed attempts to influence events purely with the power of our minds are all much more enjoyable when experienced with our nearest and dearest.

Here are some ideas for tasty treats to serve your guests, as you enjoy this year’s incarnation of tennis’ oldest grand slam.

1. Very summery Pimm’s cupcakes

What says summer better than a glass of refreshing and fruity Pimm’s? Not much, other than perhaps cupcakes that are packed with Pimm’s fruity goodness. Try baking these deliciously moist morsels topped with vanilla frosting, Pimm’s syrup and fresh fruit for the ultimate afternoon tipple / snack. The question is should you accompany it with a cup of tea or a glass of Pimms? Why don’t you make a batch and then decide?

2. Strawberries and cream cupcakes

Strawberries and cream belong together like British tennis and rainy weather, but the former is a lot more appealing. Whatever the weather enhance any game, set or match by producing a plate of delicious strawberries and cream cupcakes to help you through those tense moments. Share sportingly with friends but have a few spare should the match overrun. Why not try making these very Wimbledon cupcakes for the final, they’re sure to be a winner.

3. Tennis ball cake

If you’re looking for a fun centrepiece then a tennis ball cake is a humorous finals party centrepiece. The Princess Gateaux recipe is covered in marzipan, which lends it a pleasant matte finish. Watch our video to discover exactly how to over a Princess shape and achieve the desired effect.

4. White chocolate and raspberry biscuits

These homemade biscuits bear little resemblance to the supermarket cookies that we absent-mindedly pop into our mouths all too frequently, barely paying attention to their flavour (or lack of it).

Quite the opposite: these delicious treats will get attention no matter how tense or absorbing the match. Their buttery texture is as smooth as Roger Federer’s stride and their taste packs a punch with the power of a Serena Williams forehand.

Here’s how to make and decorate our white chocolate and raspberry biscuits

5. Ice cream cupcakes

Nothing beats enjoying an ice cream on the beach on a hot sunny day – except during Wimbledon that is, when a day in front of the television also holds huge appeal.

You can still pay homage to the beachside ice-cream cone though, with the help of this great recipe for ice cream cupcakes.

Why not keep this back until the end of the match? It’s a great way to celebrate a victory or – heaven forbid! – console your guests after a disappointment.

Serve up some tasty treats that your guests will love and you can be sure they’ll leave in a good mood, however the match goes.

Come on Andy!