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5 Fantastic Marzipan Modelling Trends

Tuesday 16th July 2013

We’re passionate about Marzipan, and as Royal Warrant holders for our almond based products, it’s fair to say that a lot of other people love our marzipan too. Sometimes though, it’s a bit too easy to think of marzipan as merely a tasty covering for your cake, trapped between the eye-catching topping and a sumptuous sponge of fruit cake. We’re all guilty of it, but at Renshaw we like to encourage experimentation and creativity, so next time you’re wondering what to do with that slab of marzipan have a go at decorating with marzipan (make sure you take advantage of our current 20% off marzipan offer >>).

Here are some ideas to get you going.
1. Marzipan Fruit.

A classic of marzipan modelling. Who doesn’t get whisked back to childhood Christmases every time they see one of these? But don’t think of them as just a seasonal decoration. You could top off a fruity cupcake with a little marzipan fruit on the icing.


2. Marzipan Animals.

If you’re feeling more adventurous, and have a bit of artistic flair, then why not try creating some animals from marzipan? These cute decorations would be the perfect flourish for a child’s birthday cake, or for the animal lover in your life. We found these cute aminals on flickr.


3. Marzipan Flowers.

This one (created by Emma at Heatons Cakes) takes a little more time and a steady hand to get just right, but the results can be amazing. Baking a birthday cake for your other half? We think a few delicate roses would make a beautiful and romantic accent to the rest of your design. Flowers and leaves are perfect for wedding or occasion cakes too. Try an organic design of twisting flowers down a tiered cake.


4. Marzipan Clothes.

Like anything in marzipan modelling these can be as simple or as intricate as you like. How about a pair of football boots for your soccer mad husband? Or perhaps some booties for a christening cake?

5. Marzipan Dioramas.

The great thing about decorating with marzipan is that the only limit is your imagination. Marzipan can be formed into just about anything, so if you fancy a big project, why not combine some of the ideas above to create a full diorama on top of a large cake. We couldn’t resist this colourful and delicate depiction of Peter Rabbit and his vegetables we discovered on Pinterest (created by Rosalind Miller Cakes).


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These are some of our ideas for using marzipan to create decorations for your cakes, but we’d love to hear your ideas on Twitter and Facebook.