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Your Top 10 Favourite Cakes

Thursday 29th June 2017

If you follow Renshaw Baking on Facebook, some of these cakes may look familiar to you. We’ve recently been seeing lots and lots of new, incredible cakes and we’ve been sharing some of our favourites on our social media accounts. After reposting a few, we received a new wave of cakes from our Facebook followers from all over the world, who were commenting and sharing their own cakes and cupcakes too!

The criteria? There isn’t one! We love seeing cakes of all shapes and sizes, with different colours, themes and all sorts of techniques. Airbrushed ones, gravity defying ones, carved ones… you name it. All of this amazing talent can’t go to waste, so we decided to share some with you in this blog. Here are some of the cakes you’ve ‘Liked’ the most on our
Facebook page. Before you scroll down, let us remind you that the cakes and cupcakes below were created by you, our followers, and we love seeing your pieces every day!

Wonderful Woodland Cake

A beautiful Christening cake created by Francesca Pleavin with a magical woodland theme. Our favourite part of the cake is probably her figure models; very neat, particularly her bunny topper on the upper tier. Francesca’s style is unique and her cakes are always spotless!

Back to Birthday Cakes

If you’re a fan of old films, this next cake is for you. Created by
Sweet Dee’s Bakery, this carved creation will take you ‘Back To The Future’ with stunning detailing for all parts of the car. How can you not love it?

Kung Fu Panda Cake

This may be the best Kung Fu Panda cake we’ve ever seen! Carved cakes are some of our favourites and this birthday cake is as realistic as it can get. Tabitha Catherine is the talented cake artist behind it. She told us this was her very first carved cake, made for a friend. Tabitha used Rainbow Dust Colours powders to achieve a more realistic effect and her favourite part was creating the eyes!

Heart-warming Baby Shower Cake

Created by Christine Griffiths, owner of
Occasional Cakes by Christine, this cake made us all smile. She told us: “The cake was made for my eldest daughter’s baby shower as she loves Peter Rabbit. There isn’t a favourite part as I’m in love with every bit of it. My daughter actually cried when she saw it and said it was the best cake I’d ever made. I absolutely loved it!”

Pirate Ship Birthday Cake

Created for a friend, Shamsi Pearson told us this cake is fully edible, aside from the small characters. Even the sails? Yes! She created them using an edible ink printer, which she says is a life-saver when it comes to cakes! Perfect for a birthday party, we loved it as soon as we saw it!

Magical Harry Potter Cake

We asked our followers to share their Harry Potter cakes by commenting below this one and we were surprised to see so many! They were all amazing, most of them featuring this iconic design. This beautiful cake above was created by Corrina Confarreo and the theme is definitely still one of the most popular one when it comes to birthday cakes!

Peter Rabbit Birthday Cake

Becky Nightingale of
Cupcake Couture Liverpool created this really cute ‘Peter Rabbit & Friends’ birthday cake and so many of our followers loved her figure models! We particularly liked how she recreated the fur-effect on Peter Rabbit.

Dog-lover Birthday Cake

Made by Polly Swinney with some Renshaw Ready to Roll Icing she recently won in one of our competitions. She kindly shared her creation soon after and we loved all the details! There’s so much going on her cake and it’s the perfect way for any dog lover to celebrate!

Gravity Defying Teapot

This gravity defying cake is a real beauty and it was created by our follower Mag Howlin from
Mag About Cake. Endless tiers, numerous sugar flowers, hand painted roses and royal icing details …we all went crazy for it!

Unicorn Dreams

Jess Dibden created these beautifully colourful cupcakes following the latest unicorn baking trend. She told us: “I always wanted to put my own spin on the current Unicorn food trend that was taking social media by storm, and so with a little fondant, spare time and creativity, these cupcakes were born!” Jess is relatively new to the cake decorating world, but we already love her work! Jess explained: “I created Spatulas and Sprinkles with the hope that one day I could start up my own bespoke patisserie/baking company and even designed my very own logo for it!” We truly wish her the best of luck!

You can see more incredible creations over on our Facebook page, or share your own with us there, or on Twitter and Instagram too!