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Which patisserie are you partial to?

Friday 21st October 2016

Who doesn’t love the idea of selecting a dainty little pastry from a beautiful assortment of baked creations in a boulangerie window in a cobbled Paris street? But you don’t have to hop over the Channel to enjoy a fancy fondant with your cup of tea.

In acknowledgment of The Great British Bake Off’s Patisserie Week, we asked you which delicacy would tickle your fancy and here’s what we learned.

While just 22% of respondents were partial to a dainty fruity confection, just shy of a third of you yearned for something with a choux pastry element. However, the overwhelming winner was chocolate. Nearly half of you said your patisserie of choice must contain a chocolate element.

That’s right, chocolate retains its high ranking status as the ultimate confection for the sweet-toothed, which is why we’re sharing a trio of delectable chocolate delights for you to enjoy. Tell us what you think of our delicious recipes…

Triple chocolate brownies

The only thing that’s better than chocolate is triple chocolate. Our brownie recipe involves plain chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate. There’s always a good time to enjoy a chocolate brownie. Bring a tray of freshly-baked brownies – with their delicious crumbly crust and oozy springy centres – into work and you are guaranteed to boost office morale at coffee time. Deeply naughty but simple to make, this brownie recipe is sure to delight.

Chocolate and pistachio cake pops


Bake a chocolate sponge, crumble it and squeeze it into tight balls, pop the balls into sticks, dip into melted chocolate and roll in chopped pistachio. That’s pretty much all you need to do to create a delectable morsel that wouldn’t look out of place in a top boulangerie. These pleasing little pops are the perfect accompaniment to coffee or they make great favours for weddings, parties or other celebrations.

White chocolate and raspberry biscuits


White chocolate and raspberry go together as harmoniously in biscuit form as they do in any other union. These simple-to-make, slightly-posher-than-usual biccies will elevate any ordinary cuppa. Just six ingredients, including the tasty freeze-dried raspberries, make bite-sized snacks you won’t want to stop munching.

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