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Valentine’s Day Ideas

Wednesday 31st January 2018

Valentine’s day, a day to express our love to others and we believe the best way to do this, is through CAKE! Spending hours in the kitchen, creating and decorating something that you can eat, now that’s what we call true love. Whether you want to create a giant masterpiece or a few biscuits that say something in between ‘I love you too much’ and ‘Yeah, your alright’, we’ve got the recipe for you. Please remember to take some photos of your romantic creations and share them with us, we love seeing your work!


Oreo Cupcakes with Fondant Hearts and Roses

What says ‘I love you’ more than Oreos and cake, combined? Well try these first and then let us know! These super simple cupcakes are a great idea for a partner, friend or anyone (use the day as an excuse.) Topped with cute heart shapes, and packed full of chocolatey goodness, we give this recipe a double thumbs up. Not into Oreos? Swap them for another tasty chocolate bar or biscuit and follow the recipe with the substitute.


Red Velvet Cake

Want to show your love with a XL cake, then try out this every so easy recipe. 3 layers of chocolatey sponge, encased in a sweet frosting, mmmm we can taste the love already. When you’ve finished, the decoration is totally up to you, go all out love hearts and roses, or keep it simple like ours. This cake may be a little big for just the 2 of you, if so you could always try the Red Velvet Cupcakes, the same just smaller!


Bumble Bee Cupcakes

Want to spread the love even further this year? Why not get the little ones involved with this extremely easy recipe! Cute cupcakes topped with chocolate frosting is the perfect way to say, ‘Will you bee my Valentine?’ If your feeling really creative why not try a few Caterpillar Cupcakes too, there a different cake recipe so you can choose your favourite!


 Stained Glass Heart Biscuits

Taking Valentines biscuits to a whole new level- stained glass (obviously not real glass, just simply melted hard boiled sweets.) This recipe is great for sharing the love and well, the biscuits, which are extremely yummy. You can use different shades of pink to top your biscuits or choose your own colours and change the design completely- get creative!


If none of these recipes are quite what your looking for click here for all our recipes for Valentine’s Day, were sure you’ll find something to say ‘I Love You’.

Happy Baking ?