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Valentine’s Day Competition: Fiona Cairns’ Bake and Decorate Book Winners

Tuesday 26th February 2013

This Valentine’s Day, we asked you who would be saying it with cake. Over 60 cakes and bake later, we were overwhelmed by the response, with everything from love themed cupcakes to pink and sparkly cake pops, elegant two tier cakes and delectable love heart biscuits. You guys have been incredibly creative and we were bowled over by the range of skill involved.

Below are our chosen winners for the competition, so if you see your cake entered, simply get in touch by sending a direct message us on Facebook or email us at info@renshawbaking.com. Your signed copy of Fiona Cairns’ Bake and Decorate book will be in the post soon!

Red Velvet Heart Hidden Centre Cupcakes by Bizcocho PastriesRed Velvet Heart Hidden Centre Cupcakes by Bizcocho Pastries

Hidden centre cakes are currently all the rage, and this vanilla and red velvet flavoured love heart cupcake is beautiful in its simplicity. Topped with buttercream and an adorable icing heart, we think they make a lovely Valentine’s Day treat.

Love Themed Cupcakes by Pat McGowan Love Themed Cupcakes by Pat McGowan

What can we say about these cupcakes? Modelled flowers, cake painting and the use of moulds, these love-themed cupcakes are seriously impressive. Vintage in and decked out in sugar paste and frosting, we simply adore them.

Love Letter Cupcakes by Dawn Rosalind RobinsonLove Letter Cupcakes by Dawn Rosalind Robinson

We received a lot of cupcake entries, but couldn’t resist these buttercream piped and sugar paste topped cupcakes on account of its very clever love letter theme. Nothing says I love you better than a whole box of cupcakes… So true!

Red Velvet Buttercream Rose Cupcakes by Claire MagowanRed Velvet Buttercream Rose Cupcakes by Claire Magowan

These buttercream rose cupcakes are almost too pretty to eat (though we reckon we’d give them a good go). Tricky to make requiring rose tips and a steady hand, we love everything from the skill involved to the deep red colour of the buttercream, not to mention the pretty as a rose finish.

Love Heart Biscuits by Chelle WrightLove Heart Biscuits by Chelle Wright

Biscuits provide the perfect platform for creative and varied decoration, and with embossed ready to roll icing, piping icing and liberal use of dragees, these romantically-shaped treats are a simple but effective way to say I love you.

Butterfly Cake by Emma Louise MurchButterfly Cake by Emma Louise Murch

The exquisitely modelled flower and moulded butterflies on this single-tier cake quickly caught our eye, helped no doubt by the colourful lustre finish. Not overtly romantic, it makes for a subtle Valentine’s Day gesture, though would be perfect as a wedding cake too.

Love Tattoo Cake by Jo McKennaLove Tattoo Cake by Jo McKenna

An incredibly inspired interpretation of the brief, this simply covered and creatively decorated love heart-shaped cake was a real favourite at Renshaw, though that said who doesn’t like a decorative flower and a bit of edible glitter?

Valentine’s Bubbles Cake by Claire Barnes
Valentine Bubbles Cake by Claire Barnes

A two-tier cake this time, it turned our thoughts to all things bubbly, from the champagne-coloured icing to the bubbles frothing their way down the cake. The love heart mould topping the cake seriously wowed us too.

Valentine’s Owl Cake by Carolyn WellerValentine Owl Cake by Carolyn Weller

A big fashion trend this past year, we fell in love with this cute owl-themed Valentine’s Day cake. A new take on the loved up theme, and making excellent use of cutters and cake embossing to decorate, we’d be hooting with joy if we received this on February 14th.

Valentine’s Day Cake Pops by Sarah Louise Lendon Valentine Day Cake Pops by Sarah Louise Lendon

Our only cake pop entry (we’re guessing because they can be a little tricky to make), we very much like the idea of strawberry and chocolate flavoured treats, and the love heart and hundreds and thousands decorations are just too sweet!

Congratulations to all our winners!