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Valentine’s Day Blogger Challenge

Tuesday 18th February 2014

This Valentine’s Day, Renshaw have been LOVING baking, and developed deliciously decorated cakes and bakes ideal for loved ones this February. We have been getting creative with painted love themed cakes, lips cake pops and heart shaped biscuits for you all to enjoy, but we thought it time that the dedicated bakers and cake decorators out there were shown a little bit of baking love too.

For baking bloggers in particular, their carefully crafted creations are often enjoyed by their nearest and dearest, so for February 14th, we challenged our favourite bloggers’ loved ones – partners, parents, siblings or children – to show the love and create the baking blogger in their life something special for Valentine’s Day. 

To show our appreciation for our marvellous band of baking bloggers’ wonderful efforts, we provided all the necessary materials – either a cupcake kit with frostings, sprinkles and cupcake cases or a biscuit kit with sugar paste, cutters and writing icing – so that all their nearest and dearest had to do was come up with a heartfelt design. 

So, here are our baking bloggers’ loved ones best efforts, all made with love…

Valentine’s Cupcakes (The Mini Mes and Me) 


The lovely Emma – of Mini’s Mes and Me – saw her main man treat her to a little baked treat in the run up to this Valentine’s Day, baking up dozens of brightly coloured cupcakes using our Strawberry and Vanilla Snip and Swirl. Check out the varying piping techniques – swirls, stars and artfully spread frosting – showing some impressive cake decorating skills. 

Find the recipe here:



Valentine Marble Cake (Larger Family Life)


Husband Mike took time out of a busy day building bunk beds and helping look after their large brood to make a simple but delicious chocolate-swirled marble cake topped with forest fruits and chocolate frosting, just for Larger Family Life’s Tania. Lucky lady!

Find the recipe here:



Valentine’s Cupcakes (Johnson Babies)


Perfectly piped and sweetly decorated with pink and white pearls, miniature sugar flowers and sprinkles, Johnson’s Babies wisely decided to oversee her little ones in baking and decorating a Valentine’s Day treat for Dad. Who can beat chocolate and flowers come February 14th, especially of the sugar variety? 

Find the recipe here:



Valentine’s Cupcakes (Cakes and Bakes by Kate)


Prolific baker and skilled sugar crafter Cakes and Bakes by Kate has created some beautiful creations in conjunction with Renshaw in the past, from Christmas themed baking gifts to a regal cake to welcome Prince George to the world last June. Understandably, we were very pleased when we heard Kate’s partner has picked up his wooden spoon, creating these elegant cupcakes complete with hand-modelled sugar paste roses. Well done sir!

Find the recipe here:



Secret Centre Love Cupcakes (Domestic Goddesque)


Kelly Innes, the force behind Domestic Goddesque, found herself spoilt by her husband and two children with strawberry icing topped cupcakes (with a yummy hidden jammy centre). Sprinkled with Renshaw Mini Chocolate Flavour Beans and other delicious edibles, the love inspired baking session brought the family together for an afternoon, whilst our hard working baking blogger got to sit back and relax and watch her lovely family spend some quality time.  

Find the recipe here:



Valentine’s Day Cookies (A Mummy Too)


Our only mummy blogger to bake biscuits, Emma Leary, of A Mummy Too fame spent some quality time rolling out both dough and fondant icing to create these pretty in pink and red love heart biscuits with her little ones. Fairly simple to achieve with a cutter and heart shaped edible decorations, they make for a perfect Valentine’s Day gesture. 

Find the recipe here:



Valentine’s Cupcakes (Boo Roo and Tigger Too) 


Lending her fool-proof cupcake recipe to her husband and children paid off for Boo, Roo and Tigger Too. After all, how far can you go wrong with a ready to pipe bag of frosting and several sprinkle shakers to hand? Cupcakes are always a fun, colourful way to show some love. 

Find the recipe here:



Valentine’s Cupcakes (Lottie’s World of Cakes and Bakes)


Lovely Charlotte, of Lottie’s World of Cakes and Bakes saw some sibling love come her way, when talented sister Rose took to a batch of cupcakes with our full range of Snip and Swirl piping frosting. Topped with hand-modelled roses and hearts moulded from red sugar paste, not to mention a few heart shaped chocolates as an additional treat, we think Charlotte must be a great sister to be spoilt so. 

Find the recipe here:



Marble Cupcakes (Suzy Pelta)


Simple, elegant and combining two of the greatest flavour combinations known to man, Suzy Pelta’s partner and children had fun in the kitchen mixing up flavours and layering icing to create these incredibly enticing marble cupcakes, baked on a chocolate cupcake base. Delicious!

Find the recipe here:



Feeling the love for baking? We are, and for Charlotte and Rose from Lottie’s World of Cakes and Bakes – whose creation we are awarding top prize in the blogger baking gift challenge on account of a dazzling display of sugar craft skill and having fun with the Valentine’s Day theme – now get to spend some quality time sharing a bottle of champagne and dinner courtesy of Renshaw. The £100 gift voucher for renshawbaking.com should come in handy in for future family focused cakes and bakes too.