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Top 6 Wedding Cake Trends For 2014

Tuesday 3rd June 2014

Wedding season is in full swing, and the prime months of June, July and August see more people tying the knot than at any other time of the year. And one of the most important considerations these days is the choice of cake.

A wedding cake needs to not only be tasty but also beautiful. It needs to work with the theme of the wedding. Sure you could go with a plain, white, tiered cake with a little bride and groom topper, but where’s the fun in that? It’s not 1974. You want a cake to remember, and if you opt for a cake based on one of these hot wedding trends for 2014 that’s what you’ll get. 


Metallic Cakes

Wedding Cake Metalic 1      Wedding Cake Metalic 2

Nothing says luxury and opulence like gold and silver, and that’s why metallic cakes are a big trend for wedding cakes in 2014. Whether you go for metallic gold icing, a dusting of silver lustre and glitter or detailed copper appointments, a metallic cake manages to look beautiful whether your reception is in a contemporary and modern space or a country manor. A metallic cake adds a major wow factor to any reception. Cakes by Red Ribbon Studio and Bite Me Bakery


Vintage Cakes

Wedding Cake Vintage  

Vintage anything has been massive for the last few years, whether it’s clothes, hairstyles or music. Weddings haven’t been immune to the trend and arriving in vintage cars wearing traditionally styled attire has been huge. So cakes that feature lace detailing, immaculately modelled roses and strings of pearls against ivory or brilliant white icing are still massively popular. Vintage Cake by Renshaw Baking


Naked Cakes

Wedding Cake Naked 1      Wedding Cake Naked 2

A hot trend in wedding themes over the last couple of years has been rustic weddings. Weddings set outdoors in fields and woodland, vows said beneath briar arches, receptions held in candlelit marquees with tables adorned with wildflowers sprouting from mason jars. All signs you’re at a rustic wedding. And this naturalistic approach, with an emphasis on simplicity and understatement, means that naked cakes are big. No icing here, just lashings of buttercream, fruit purees and jam bursting from between layers of lightly dusted sponge. Naked cakes always look good topped off with handfuls of fresh fruit or flowers. Cakes from Aisle Perfect and Sandra Monger


Bold Colours

Wedding Cake Bold Colour 1      Wedding Cake Bold Colour 2

Although pastel colours have been popular in cake decoration in recent years this year sees the return of bolder colours to wedding cakes. Brides are looking to have a cake that draws the eye during the reception, and the careful use of bold and complimentary colours contrasted against traditional brilliant white icing works wonders. How the colour is used is up to you. It could be in the form of decorations, painted designs on the cake, or in the choice of icing colours. However they are deployed, bold colours are in for 2014. Cakes from Cakes by Wade and Pinterest.


Frills And Ruffles

Wedding Cake Frills 1      Wedding Cake Frills 2

This has been a strong trend for a couple of years and we think it will continue through 2014 and probably well beyond. Gentle frills and detailed ruffles echo the flowing, feminine material of bridal dresses and are a perfect complement to any wedding theme. What’s wonderful about frilled and ruffled cakes is that they can be achieved in buttercream/frosting or with ready to roll icing, and they can also be used in conjunction with some of the other trends on this list giving you a doubly fabulous cake.  Cakes by Blissfully Sweet and Rosalind Miller


Statement Cakes

Wedding Cake Statement 1     Wedding Cake Statement 2

A wedding is a very special day, one where people make the monumental decision to declare their love for each other in front of family and friends. It’s a huge statement for a couple to make, so a statement cake makes perfect sense. We’re talking extravagant design choices, towering cakes that dominate the room and luxurious finishes. The one downside to a statement cake? It might look so amazing that you can’t bring yourself to make that first cut! Cakes from Pinterest and Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium

These are our choices for the big wedding cake trends for this year, but what do you think? Is there a trend that you think will be huge in 2014? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook