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Top 5 recipes for World Chocolate Day

Wednesday 7th July 2021

We’re celebrating World Chocolate Day on 7th July with some fantastic flavour combinations to take your chocolate bakes to the next level!

We know that you love your chocolate bakes, it regularly takes the top spot for your favourite flavour in our yearly Big Trends survey.

Whether you enjoy baking for relaxation and mindfulness, you’re looking for a fun family activity, or you need something tasty to serve at a party, we’ve got you covered with our chocolate combo bakes below. Enjoy!

Chocolate and… Nuts!

Almond, hazelnut, pistachio… the list goes on when it comes to pairing chocolate with nuts, as the flavours complement each other so well.

Our personal favourite combo is chocolate and almond, and our Marzipan is an easy and tasty solution to baking chocolate almond cakes.

These chocolate almond brownies combine the gooeyness of a chocolate brownie, the chewiness of tasty almond marzipan, and the richness of chocolate ganache. They’re also the perfect bake for sharing, but we won’t judge if you keep them all to yourself. We also have a vegan chocolate almond brownie recipe created by Mr Baker’s Cakes which are just as delicious.

Chocolate almond lollipops are the perfect time saving treat. Tasty marzipan shapes covered in melted chocolate and sprinkled with chopped hazelnuts or pistachios. Add a sprinkle of Rainbow Dust Glitter for the wow factor.

And we couldn’t celebrate World Chocolate Day without our classic Nutella cupcakes recipe. This is a crowd-pleasing recipe that you’ll come back to time and time again. *adds to favourites*

Chocolate and… Strawberries!

Chocolate and strawberries are a timeless baking match. Rich, sweet chocolate paired with zingy fruit flavours are a great combo for bigger bakes or tiny treats.

Create a chocolate drip effect using Renshaw Ganache following our mini strawberry and chocolate cake recipe, the perfect cake for 2 to share. Or for a simple and satisfying treat, dip strawberries into a bowl of Ganache for a twist on your five-a-day challenge.

Chocolate and… Burgers?!

Okay, so we may have cheated slightly with this ‘flavour’ combo. But these burger cupcakes are a brilliant recipe to enjoy making with family, or to bring to your next BBQ.

This creative take on cupcakes couldn’t be simpler to make, and they’re filled with delicious Chocolate Flavour Frosting. What fun fondant fillings will you cook up?

We hope this has given you plenty of inspiration for your next chocolatey bake!

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