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Top 10 Marzipan Models

Wednesday 16th April 2014

With Easter and just around the corner these inspiring cake decorations are just the thing to brighten up your celebrations. Many professionals would argue that Marzipan is much easier to model with than sugar paste, and despite its sweet almond flavour, it still divides cake decorators and bakers with its ‘love it or hate it’ reputation. We’ve selected 10 marzipan models to inspire you, from flowers to monsters to bees, there’s so much to create! 

1. ROAR! 


Do you imagine marzipan as the delicious, invisible filling between the fruitcake and icing for your Christmas cake? This marzipan monster shows how far you can go with a bit of colour, time and modelling. At first glance this may seem like a complex piece of decoration to achieve, but it’s simply balls of marzipan (for the body, teeth and feet), a roll of marzipan (for the mouth) and piped chocolate for the eyes. 


2. Spring has sprung in the Renshaw kitchen 


Take a block of original white marzipan and colour paste (not colouring liquid as this would make the marzipan too sticky) and this cake is created. Some cake decorating professionals, Juliet Sear of Fancy Nancy Cakes included, think that marzipan is actually easier to model with than sugar paste. So if you’re a novice wanting to create complex models, then marzipan could be the best product to use. 


3. Sew delicious

Sew delicious

Do we have any Great British Sewing Bee fans here? Perhaps for your next sewing bee you’d like to create these divine sewing and knitting inspired cupcakes. Simply colour your marzipan with coloured powder, roll into a ball (for the yarn) or flat (for the fabric) and carefully imprint the thread lines with a sharp knife. 


4. Marzipan as cheese?

Marzipan cheese

This marzipan mouse cake puts a new spin on the term ‘cheesecake’! Both fun and tasty, this cake from gingerbread-house-heaven.com (gingerbread-house-heaven.com) has it all from marzipan mice to a soft and succulent sponge.


5. Colourful marzipan

Colourful marzipan

This design would work well for an Easter cake with the beautiful daffodils and icing colours for a sweet springtime treat. Thanks to Konditor for the image. If you’re unsure on how best to tackle creating flowers, take a look at blog post on flower modelling >> 


6. Busy bees

Busy bees

For busy bees, try your hand at creating marzipan bees, great for kids as there’s no messy colouring involved. Using almond flakes for the wings is an inspired choice too. Thanks to greenapplesorbet.com for the image. 


7. Marzipan at the beach

Marzipan beach

These beach themed cake toppers by weelovebaking.blogspot.com.au will undoubtedly get you in the mood for summer. A great trick is to use crumbled digested biscuits for the sand. 


8. Moulded marzipan flowers 

Moulded marzipan flowers

Our moulded marzipan flowers are easy to make with the right tools. Perfect for colouring and adaptable for any skill level or preferred style from the simplest cutter created flowers to intricate hand modelled roses. Take a look at our hints and tips guide for a step-by-step guide >>


9. Peachy perfection

Peachy perfection

These beautiful marzipan peach creations by loveandoliveoil.com are a good choice for a first time marzipan modeller. Using buttercream/frosting to top the peach and bourbon flavoured cupcake and a tiny marzipan peach on top. 


10. Traditional Easter treats

Easter treats

Simnel cakes are iconic around Easter time. Often made using a double layer of marzipan inside and on top and traditionally 11 or 12 marzipan balls on top (to represent the number of apostles). Take a look at our Simnel Cakes blog post for more 


Learn Marzipan Modelling Techniques With Renshaw

Do you want to discover how easy Marzipan modelling is? Join Renshaw on Thursday 17th April at 6:30-7:30pm for a live Marzipan Modelling Class – the best part is you can join from anywhere, as it’s online.