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Top 10 Animal Cakes

Wednesday 2nd April 2014

With spring finally here we’re in the mood for some animal cakes. Easter is just around the corner, and with it plenty of Easter bunny, lamb and birdie cakes, so to get you in the mood here’s a rundown of 10 animal-inspired cakes. 


1. Sleeping Puppy

1 sleeping puppy

(Image Credit: www.triked.demon.co.uk)

This adorable sleeping Dalmatian puppy by Trish Clarke really grabbed everyone’s attention on Facebook and we just had to show it off again. We just love those cute folds in its chubby legs, and the realistic pink around the nose and paws.


2. Fish Cake

fish cake

(Image Credit: www.tasteofhome.com)

This bright and cheerful cake from Taste Of Home is relatively simple to decorate and would go down a treat at any kids birthday party. The use of the frosting as 3D waves is a great touch. 


3. Woodland Animals

woodlands animals

(Image Credit: www.brightonbakery.co.uk)

What’s so great about this cake from Brighton Bakery is the way the design runs all around the cake, making it inviting from any angle. The decorations are simple, but use bold colours and shapes to give a cutesy cartoon effect. 


4. Owl Cake

owl cake

 (Image Credit: www.indulgy.com)

Does it really get any cuter than this? All those sugar paste feathers must have taken an age to press out and detail. And with those big eyes staring at us it almost feels wrong to eat this cake.


5. Lamb Cake

lamb cake

(Image Credit: http://cococakecupcakes.blogspot.ca/)

With spring just arriving what could be more apt than a beautiful lamb cake. The use of buttercream frosting to create those swirly curls of wool is inspired. This cake is proof that you don’t need to be a wiz with a piping bag to make a brilliant cake, you just need to keep it simple.


6. Bunny Tail Cake Balls

6 buny tail cake balls

(Image credit: www.rosebakes.com)

Keeping with the spring/Easter theme, how about making some of these delightful bunny tail cake balls, from Rose Bakes? Again, there’s nothing too difficult here but it just goes to show how the best ideas are often the easiest. If you’re wondering what the grass is: shredded coconut died green with some food colouring. 


7. Bear Cake

bear cake

(Image credit: www.ibicake.com

We don’t know about you, but this amazing bear cake by I Believe It’s Cake is one of the cutest and most intricate animal cakes we’ve seen. Just look at how realistic the fur looks and the sugar crafting that’s gone into the clothes is incredible. Perfect for a teddy bear’s picnic!


8. Snake Cake

snake cake

(Image Credit: www.northstarcakes.co.uk)

This cake looks so realistic that we almost jumped out of our seats. The texture of the skin is nothing short of amazing, and goes to show just what can be achieved in cake decorating.


9. Octopus Cake

octopus cake

(Image credit: www.karenportaleo.com

According to Karen, who made this astonishing cake, this monster from the deep weighed in at nearly 200 pounds! The level of detail is incredible, truly a work of art.


10. Grumpy Cat Cake Pops

grumpy cat cake pops

(Image credit: www.bakerella.com

 Ah, who doesn’t like a meme? Bakerella put together these cutesy cake pops based on the infamous Grumpy Cat. He might be grumpy but we bet there will be smiles all round once people tuck into them.


Will you be baking an animal cake this spring? We’d love to see your creations so please share them on Twitter and Facebook.