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Tips for using leftover Marzipan

Sunday 10th January 2016

Now that the festive season is over and your Christmas cake has been demolished and enjoyed by family and friends, you’ve probably got some leftover Marzipan wrapped up in the kitchen cupboard that needs using up.

With National Marzipan Day on 12th January approaching, it’s a great excuse to get baking and decorating, with the perfectly reasonable excuse of giving the cupboards a clear out.

Chocolate Marzipan Hearts

If you just have a little Marzipan left over (and probably a lot of Christmas chocolate too) then these quick and simple Chocolate Marzipan Hearts are perfect for you. Just roll, melt, dip and sprinkle – what could be simpler? They’re sure to perk you up during the January blues. View the recipe here.

Chocolate Battenberg

Sticking with the chocolate theme, you could try adding a twist to an old classic – the Battenberg Cake. Mixing Marzipan with cocoa powder results in one of the tastiest cakes you’ll ever make! Have a slice or two with a cup of tea throughout the week. View the recipe here.

Modelling with Marzipan

You might not have tried it before, but Marzipan is actually great to model with. It’s also a firm favourite with professionals like Juliet Sear who created an incredible giant marzipan tree cake. But to start with something simpler, you could try making a Marzipan puppy. This would be a great activity for the kids on a rainy weekend. Watch the video above.

Images: Juliet Sear’s Marzipan tree cake

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