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Tips for storing Ready to Roll Icing

Friday 27th May 2016

We’ve just launched our brand new packaging for Ready to Roll Icing which should be arriving in stores and sugarcraft retailers near you over the next few months.

Our modern new pack design comes with a re-sealable label which means you’ll be able to keep your sugarpaste fresh between uses, and should reduce waste. So if you’ve got some little biscuits to decorate or fancy a last minute spot of baking at the weekend, you’ll have your leftover icing to hand and ready to use.

How to open and store icing between uses

  • The best way to open our new pack is to cut along the top with scissors
  • Only take out of the packet what you need to use at that time
  • Peel back the ingredients label at the back, roll down the excess packaging and stick the label back over it
  • To keep your icing as fresh as possible, wrap your sealed packet in a sandwich bag or something similar
  • Put your sealed icing away in a cupboard, do not refrigerate or freeze

Try these baking projects with your leftover icing

Ice Cream Biscuits

If you’ve got any white icing leftover, or chunks of bright coloured sugarpaste here and there, you could create summer themed biscuits in your own patterns and styles to suit the colours you have left from your last baking project.
Find the recipe here.

Dinosaur Biscuits

These dinosaur biscuits are great for using up any leftover coloured sugarpaste you have and mean you can get really creative with patterns. Add balls or strips of one colour over another and roll out, and you’ve got a great blended effect! Find out
how to make them here.

Bumblebee Cupcakes

Yellow and black are two really popular colours, so what could you make when you’ve got some spare icing in these colours? Simple bumblebee cake toppers, of course!
Get the recipe here.

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