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The Winners Of Our Dream Wedding Theme Competition

Tuesday 24th June 2014

A couple of weeks ago we asked you all to put together a Pinterest board that represented your dream wedding theme. And you didn’t disappoint. We had tons of incredible entries with themes from the delicate and subtle to the bold and beautiful. 

Choosing a winner from all the entries was difficult, and we’d like to congratulate all of you for your hard work. We think you should all consider careers as wedding planners!

But there has to be a winner in every competition and we felt that Victoria Jane’s beautiful floral and bird cage inspired theme won the day.

Victoria based her theme around these two Renshaw cakes:

Wedding Cake1

Wedding Cake 2    

And the theme she created is nothing short of magical. 

Victoria’s theme first caught our eye due to its cohesiveness. Every element selected tied back to the two Renshaw cakes she chose, from the tiniest detail, like the bride’s headpiece echoing the flower paste roses, to consideration of the venue, which foreshadows the bird cage cake that would be revealed at the reception 

Dress and bike  Dome Roof

Victoria also made careful selections that incorporated elements of the cake design and decoration into other parts of the wedding theme, such as in this bird cage placeholder for the reception. Not only is the use of the bird cage motif in this setting interesting and eye-catching but it also compliments the colour of the cake. 


And notice how this attention to minutiae is also evident in the choice of flower cupcakes, with pale blue and pink decoration. 

I do

It’s these tiny details that really make a wedding theme inspiring, and why Victoria is the winner of a £150 Renshaw Baking voucher and 2 VIP tickets to the Wedding Show in London, worth £70.

You can see the whole board here http://www.pinterest.com/victoriasblog/renshaw-dream-wedding-theme/

We also picked out two runner ups who both won a £50 Renshaw Baking gift voucher. 

We loved Janie McColl’s monochromatic theme, which she based on these Renshaw cake pops:

monochrome cake pops 

Jamie kept the black and white colour scheme consistent in her choices of dresses, accessories and even her bridal bouquet. Not only are the flowers black and white but the sash that binds them has the same stripe pattern as the cake pops:


If you want to see the full impact of Jamie’s theme then look at her Pinterest board here http://www.pinterest.com/cutiecandypop/renshaw-dream-wedding-theme/ 

Faye Davies put together one of the most fascinating and unique themes, based around iconic Wedgwood pottery. She chose our powder blue lace wedding cake and our vintage lace cake:

Blue Lace Cake

Pastel Cake

The blue, lace and floral motifs run through every part of Faye’s Wedgwood theme, like on these dainty cupcakes:

Dainty Cupcakes

Faye’s Wedgwood theme can be enjoyed in all its glory here http://www.pinterest.com/pinkypatrol/renshaw-dream-wedding-theme/ 

Congratulations to all our winners! 

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