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The Rise Of The Alternative Wedding Cake

Tuesday 2nd June 2015

Wedding season is upon us, and we’ve noticed that themed weddings and unusual cakes are becoming more and more popular. We love a good wedding cake, especially when it ties in with wedding decorations and style of the big day.

As a baker and cake decorator it’s also such an exciting opportunity to get creative with sugar paste for a truly spectacular cake that will make a couple’s big day extra special. Here are the big themes we’ve seen lately, and we’re looking forward to seeing the wedding cakes that will be shared with us this summer:

Rustic Cakes

Rustic wedding cakes are by far our favourite alternative wedding cake style! A tree bark effect can be created by cutting and shaping, and sometimes painting
ready to roll icing. Carving your initials and a heart into the ‘bark’ also adds a beautiful and personal touch. Pine cones and woodland flowers look great on these cakes, and can be modelled to look authentic and natural using flower and modelling paste.

This type of cake would work really well as a standalone piece and talking point if you don’t fancy taking on the full rustic theme for your big day, but we can’t help imagine it inside a fairy-light decorated barn with cute little jam jars for glasses on the tables and hay bales for seats.

Like this idea? Why not try modelling deer or fox cake toppers for an added rustic effect and to demonstrate your modelling skills.

Learn how to decorate a tree bark cake here.

Naked Cakes

Some wedding cakes are having a serious make-under; strip back the frosting and icing and you’ve got a ‘naked’ cake. This type of cake really lets you show off your baking, rather than decorating abilities, so why not try exciting or unusual flavours and coloured sponge combinations? We’ve even seen pancakes used instead of sponge!

If the thought of a bare cake on your wedding day makes you a bit nervous, you can always try adding
marzipan flowers to make it look pretty.

[Images via Pinterest]

Gothic Cakes

Perhaps you’re more of a fan of skulls than flowers and prefer darker colours to the usual white and pastels seen at weddings. Well a gothic themed wedding cake may just be perfect for you. Challenge tradition with blacks, dark reds and purple icing for your wedding cake (and maybe dress!), and adorn your cake with sugar skulls or deep coloured roses and vines.

Or if you’re getting married later in the year, specifically on 31
st October, then a Nightmare Before Christmas themed bride and groom cake topper is ideal. Jack and Sally are an iconic couple for an alternative wedding theme!

[Images via Pinterest]

If you’re getting married this year, or making any wedding cakes, then please do share your pictures with us, we love seeing a range of styles and ideas. Or let us know what your ideal wedding cake would be; would you choose any of the above themes?