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The Renshaw Christmas Cake Hall of Fame Favourites

Wednesday 18th December 2013

We asked you to share your Christmas cakes, and boy, did you respond! We received over 300 cakes to our Christmas Hall of Fame, featuring everything from igloo shaped cakes to modelled gingerbread men biscuits and piped cupcakes wreaths to classic nativity scenes.


The variety of themes and skill on show was a real inspiration, so we’ve rounded up some of the best shared to get you in the mood for the festive food onslaught coming your way. There’s always more room for a slice of cake! Enjoy.


Most Creative

An elegant theme, making great use of alternative cake shapes and festively decorated in bright red icing and gold brushed, moulded detail,  Sonia Dionosio gets a big thumbs up for being most creative with her cake this Christmas.


Bauble Cake


Most Festive

Cakem Bakem created the most visually arresting cake in our Christmas Hall of Fame. Brilliant in its simplicity and brightly coloured with red, peach and white fondant icing, you can’t get more festive than Santa’s face on a cake.


Santa Cake


Best Skill

The detail is impeccable, and with stacking, modelling and painting skills all on show, the talented guys over at Hockleys Cakes have pulled out all the stops in creating this Santa’s Workshop themed masterpiece.


Santa Workshop Cake


Most Unusual

An epic contribution from Caron Eveleigh, we couldn’t quite get over the use of sprouts to create what at first glance appears to be a traditional wreath. The detail is incredible, making them look like the real deal, but for all the sprout haters out there, thankfully they are modelled out of icing.


Sprout Cake


Best Theme

A Christmas story book and the many igloo themed cake creations were all serious contenders, but the best theme came courtesy of Lesley Bassett, who plumped for a unique Nordic themed cake. Carefully created out of Christmas cutters and intricately piped royal icing, we adored its simplicity.


Nordic Cake


Most Colourful

White icing comes in for heavy use around Christmas, so injecting some colour through the use of classic red and green made this cake by Denise Cox really stand out. Stacked presents lends itself wonderfully to a many tiered cake, and how immaculate are those icing folds. Brilliant theme!


Present Cake


Most Classic

We only received a few gingerbread houses this year, but this royal icing adorned house, complete with Russian doll gingerbread biscuits filled us full of festive joy. Piped snowflakes and snow edges windows complete the classic wintery scene. Beautiful work Baby Cakes!


Gingerbread House



Best Modelling

This Narnia themed cake from @Clairecakes 1 is unbelievable in its modelled detailed. The white witch is truly terrifying and the polar bears seem to be in motion. Complete with castle and snow dusted trees, the time and effort taken to make these models life-like is just incredible.

 Narnia Cake


Cutest Cake

Adorable in its simplicity and temptingly round and inviting to eat, Rach and Shaun Cross have created the cutest cake this Christmas. Whatever the flavour base, this would work perfectly covered in chocolate icing, topped with a splodge of white icing for the sauce and modelled holly.


Pudding Cake


Best Cupcakes

So many cupcakes to choose from, but these expressive Christmas themed cupcakes made use of some characters little seen on others creations, including a cherubic angel, cheeky elf and red-nosed Rudolph, showing just how creative cupcakes can be. Made by Truly Madly Sweetly Cupcakes.

 Christmas Cupcakes


Most Sentimental

Raymond Brigg’s Snowman is a childhood classic, and this impeccably covered and expertly painted Christmas cake from Alicia’s Cakey Buns made us all here at Renshaw HQ feel warm and happy inside. The story written with edible pens is a beautiful touch.


The Snowman Cake


Most Fun

All together now! “When Santa got stuck up the chimney, he began to shout….’ This cake made by the talented Victoria Moore had us giggling immediately. We’re sure no one would mind helping Santa out of his cake built chimney. 


Chimney Cake


Merry Christmas from all at Renshaw!