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The Renshaw Big Trends Survey 2014

Friday 20th December 2013

The New Year has only just begun, and it’s already shaping up to be an exciting year for cake decorating. This month, we’re talking trends and having looked back at the very best of your cakes and bakes throughout 2013, and are incredibly excited about the new flavours and cake shapes 2014 is going to bring.


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We’ll be catching up with the best in the business about their big ideas for the coming year, but we have our eyes firmly set on the floral fashion agenda for Spring and Summer, the sharp lines of the eye-catching geometric theme hitting our shores from the states and the fun, vibrant colours that adorning everything you bake in sprinkles can achieve.


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But what do you think will be the big cake decorating trends for 2014? Are there new flavours you’re desperate to try this year, or finally master cake pops after a year perfecting cupcakes? Which cake decorating skills are you most keen to master in the New Year?


We want to hear it all, and through sharing your hopes and dreams, we’ll be offering a discount of 15% OFF all orders at the end of January, when we release the results of the biggest cake decorating survey for the coming year! Plus, the first 300 entries receive a FREE 250g pack of White Ready to Roll Icing too. *


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Happy New Year All!


* All discount codes will be emailed to all survey entrants by the end of January 2014, and the 300 packs of 250g White Ready to Roll Icing packs posted by the end of February 2014.