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The Perfect Match: Renshaw Ready to Roll Icing and Rainbow Dust Lustre

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Renshaw Ready to Roll Icing is the perfect match for Rainbow Dust Lustre. Complimentary colours like Sapphire Blue and Rose Gold create a modern finish and are trending across cake design, home interiors and fashion.

Sapphire Blue provides a deep coloured backdrop for the vibrancy of the Rose Gold in our Art Deco cake below. Mix and match your icing and lustre colours for even more dreamy cake designs.

Art Deco Cake Tutorial

This Sapphire Blue and Rose Gold Art Deco cake tutorial was created by Francezka Bell, and perfectly demonstrates how well Ready to Roll Icing and Lustre work together.

Sea-Themed Jelly Cake Tutorial

Renshaw Academy Ambassador Sabine Guilhem aka Melle Blush has mastered the latest cake trend – jelly cakes! She demonstrates how to create island-like texture on her cake, shares her technique for creating jelly, and perfectly pairs Sapphire Blue Icing and Rose Gold Lustre to create a magical and mythical effect for her swimming mermaid cake.

Top Tip: Covering full cake tiers with Lustre

Matching your shade of icing to your lustre results in an even more vibrant finish to your edible creations. Try Pink Ready to Roll Icing under your Rose Gold Lustre, Autumn Gold Ready to Roll Icing with Metallic Golden Sands Lustre for a glowing, golden sheen, or Deep Purple Ready to Roll Icing with Starlight Purple Planet Lustre for a bedazzling jewel effect.

Fall for Ready to Roll Icing

Knead your Renshaw icing first to ensure it’s warm and pliable, making it easier to use. Dust your work surface with icing sugar before rolling out and rotate after each roll of the pin to prevent sticking. Use flexi-smoothers to finish your cake with a sharp edge.

Ready to Roll Icing is great for covering standard celebration cakes, cupcakes and cookies, as well as modelling small figures and decorations.

Fall for Lustre

Rainbow Dust Lustre is a versatile product that can be dusted directly onto sugarpaste, mixed with alcohol to create a food-safe paint, or combined with piping gel for a pipeable and spreadable consistency as shown on our Art Deco cake.

Pick out highlights in your creations with some shimmering lustre, or dazzle with full cake coverage. Use a clean, soft brush to buff the lustre for a smooth finish.

Narwhal Cake Tutorial

Find this adorable Narwhal Cake Tutorial by Francezka Bell in Cake Decoration & Sugarcraft Magazine, Issue 264 September 2020. The Narwhal’s Rose Gold horn stands out against the deep Sapphire Blue of his body. This colour combination can be used for endless creative possibilities – what will you make?

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