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The Perfect Match: Renshaw Marzipan and Rainbow Dust Paint Metallic

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Renshaw Marzipan has a slightly rougher texture than sugarpaste, which means Rainbow Dust Metallic Paints adhere to it very well. Metallic and Pearlescent shades of paint brushed over Marzipan will add a touch of glamour to your cakes and bakes.

Sweet & Salty Sticks Tutorial

Our Renshaw Academy Ambassador Jacqui Kelly Edible Art demonstrates how to make delicious Marzipan covered pretzels, decorated with Metallic Paints. Customize your own designs for gifts, party favours or a treat for yourself.

Cosmic Meringues Tutorial

These metallic meringues are out of this world! Follow Jacqui Kelly’s tutorial to find out how to make your own.

Top Tip: Marzipan + Metallics + Chocolate = The Perfect Dessert

The tasty almond flavour of Marzipan works perfectly with chocolate. Create faux gold leaf with Gold Metallic Paint and place these on your chocolatey Marzipan bakes for a decadent dessert.

Fall for Marzipan

As well as adding a delicious almond flavour to your cakes, Marzipan is also a great product for modelling and making decorations. The texture lends itself well to character and animal modelling, where you want to create hair, fur and fabrics. It is also easily coloured and flavoured, so from pies and pastries to party cakes, Marzipan is a great option for decoration and flavour.

If you’re modelling with Marzipan and have hot hands, try putting a little hot fat on your fingers to stop it from sticking.

Fall for Metallic Paints

Metallic Paints add opulent and indulgent shine to your cakes and decorations. It’s easy to apply with a brush or sponge, or you can dilute them to use in your airbrush for a glowing finish.

Brush your Metallic Paint over tinfoil and leave to dry, before scrunching it together to create edible metallic flakes like faux gold leaf which is trending in cake decoration. A beautiful way to add Metallic Paint to a cake is by using a stencil and a sponge to add a pattern or using a large brush, brush upward from the bottom to form a feathered shimmery base.

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