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The Perfect Match: Renshaw Frosting and Rainbow Dust Sugar Crystals

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It couldn’t be easier to decorate your cakes and bakes with Renshaw Frosting and Rainbow Dust Sugar Crystals. Dip your frosted cupcakes into a bowl of Sugar Crystals for a colourful topping, mix colours together and sprinkle over traybakes and cookies for bright patterns, or stir through your Frosting to create a fun cake design.

Crystal Cupcakes Tutorial

Alegra Raising aka Cake It Up Tortendesign has created these stunning crystal cupcakes using Renshaw Vanilla Frosting and a selection of Rainbow Dust Sugar Crystals. Learn how to create jelly decorations in the style of your favourite crystals like Amethyst, Aventurine and Rose Quartz, and add texture with Sugar Crystals that pair perfectly with smooth Frosting.

Top Tip: Create Sugar Shards Easily

Create sugar sheet or sugar shard decorations easily by microwaving 150g Sugar Crystals with 1tbsp glucose syrup for 20 seconds. Roll the mixture between 2 sheets of baking paper and leave it to set for 5 hours. Mix different colours of Sugar Crystals together for a fantastic visual effect. Break your sugar sheet into shards, pipe Frosting onto cupcakes and then decorate with the shards.

Fall for Frosting

Renshaw Frosting is ready to use straight from the pot and comes in delicious vanilla and chocolate flavours. You can whip it with cream cheese for an even creamier cake filling. As well as Sugar Crystals, Frosting pairs perfectly with Rainbow Dust Confetti and Glitter.

Fall for Sugar Crystals

Sugar Crystals are available in 13 bold, pearlescent and metallic colours. They’re ideal for sprinkling onto frosted cupcakes or iced biscuits, and you can even add texture to models and decorations by applying Sugar Crystals with some Edible Glue. They couldn’t be easier for adding sparkle to your cakes and getting the family involved with the decorations.

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