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The Most Incredible Gingerbread Houses – Far Too Good To Eat

Tuesday 10th December 2013

Every now and then we spot something that is so outrageous, so daring, so jaw dropping, that we HAVE to share it with you. Today is one of those days. We stumbled across a bit of a trend online for amazing gingerbread houses. Here are 9 of the best. 

Downton Abbey – Made With Gingerbread

What more can we say. Press play & watch Downton Abbey come to life in gingerbread. 


Rainbow Coloured Gingerbread House

Rainbow Gingerbread House

From the outrageous to the perfectly formed. We love Dylan Candy Bar’s rainbow creation. 


Eiffel Tower as You’ve Never Seen It Before

Eiffel Tower


The Eiffel Tower is a masterpiece of construction and so is its gingerbread counterpart. The Seattle Food Geek even shows you how to make it, topped off with some white royal icing. C’est parfait! 


Tour Around The World


Continuing the tour around the world, next stop is China. This construction is truly incredible. The frosted royal icing roofs are a work of art (and incredible patience)… 


Teeny Tiny Gingerbread House

Tiny Gingerbread House

There’s something about teeny-weeny things that make us happy. Much like cute puppies. This gingerbread house by Shay Aaron put a smile of our faces. View more of his work here


Huge Gingerbread House

Huge Gingerbread House

From small to massive. The US Sarasota Ritz-Carlton’s Pastry Team – headed by Pastry Artist Mae Cavazos – created this incredible house. It’s a replica of the famous John and Mable Ringling’s Ca d’Zan mansion in Sarasota. 


Fairytale Castle

Fairytale Castle

If we lived in a fairytale, this would be our castle. Piped royal icing, fondant hearts, and jelly drops – everything about this is the stuff dreams are made of. Created by Janie Champagnie. Did you spot the working drawbridge? 


Gingerbread For Christmas 

Gingerbread for Christmas

Have these inspired you to get baking gingerbread? Thought we’d end on something (slightly) more achievable. These gingerbread houses as tree decoration are lovely and make be the perfect baked gift too. 


Enjoyed the most incredible gingerbread houses?

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