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The Great Renshaw Bake Off Week Six – The Results

Monday 15th September 2014

Wow! We thought we might get a few entries to last week’s Great Renshaw Bake Off competition, but we were blown away by the number and quality of cakes. 177 entries, all of which displayed some pretty amazing sugar crafting skills. With Ready To Roll Icing. 

Sandra Monger looked at all the entries and gave them careful consideration. In 2012 Sandra scooped Baking Industry Award for ‘Celebration Cake Maker Of The Year’, so to say she knows a thing or two about cakes and sugarcrafting is a bit of an understatement. 

Sandra had a tough time making a decision on this one, because there were just so many great entries. But, as always, there can be only one winner, so without further ado…  

The Winner

What an incredible cake. When you look at the creative use of Ready To Roll Icing and the overall finish it’s little wonder that Sandra chose this cake by Julie Talbott as the winner. In her own words, Sandra chose this cake “because of the high level of skill, originality, clean and neat finish and its interesting natural theme. The creative using of Ready To Roll Icing to make the natural environment such as the stone and wood is excellent. There is good use of colour and shading, good baseboard covering and excellent modelling, detail and texture on the lizard.”

Congratulations to Julie Talbott who receives our prize of a £75 Renshaw Baking voucher. 

Notable Mentions

Sandra felt that the following two cakes deserved highlighting alongside our lucky winner.

Sandra loved the use of colours on this cake by Diane Wilks. She was also impressed by the detailing and individual make up items and brushes. Also of note is the open lid, 3D nature of the cake and the textured baseboard cover. 

And our final special mention comes from Chris McHale. “This cake would make someone smile!” said Sandra. It was the highly personal nature of the cake and the small details like the flip-flops and glass of beer that caught Sandra’s eye. 

Well done to everyone who entered a cake, there really was some amazing examples of sugarcrafting on display, and congratulations to our winner Julie Talbott. We’d also like to give another thank you to Sandra Monger for taking the time to judge the competition.

We’re entering the final stretch of the Great Renshaw Bake Off now with just a few more challenges to go. We’ll be announcing our next challenge on the blog shortly so keep an eye out.