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The Great Renshaw Bake Off Week Eight – The Results

Monday 29th September 2014

We just knew that things would start to heat up in the semi-final of the Great Renshaw Bake Off. With a big challenge, and a big prize on offer, we wondered if the big guns would come out, and they sure did. With multi-tiered wedding cakes the order of the day the sugarcrafting on display was amazing.

Our judge this time around was the incredible Terry Tang. One of the country’s most esteemed cake designers and decorators, Terry has won a slew of awards for his creative and skilled sugarcrafting. And because Terry won the Celebration Cake Business of the Year at the 2013 Baking Industry Awards who better to judge your wedding cakes? 

The Winner

It was this gorgeous entry from Emma ‘Cake Kitchen’ Lake that Terry chose as the overall winner. “This cake demonstrates a range of beautifully executed techniques. The ruffled ombre icing on the bottom layer is tastefully done and uses a nice colour gradient. The flowers are exquisitely modelled from icing. A simply stunning cake.”

Well done Emma, your hard work and skill has earned you the praise of Terry Tang and also a £125 Renshaw Baking voucher.  


Notable Mentions

As in previous weeks we asked our judge to also select some cakes that stood out from the pack. Here is Terry’s selection. 

This cake from Creative Cakes blends the stark simplicity of a multi-tiered white wedding cake with an eye-catching explosion of delicate pink roses. It’s a popular look, as Terry’s next choice illustrates.

Francesca Rainone’s take on the cascading flower effect appealed to Terry thanks to the finely finished flowers. The detailing on the petals is incredibly lifelike and organic looking.

And finally this wonderful effort from Dee’licious and D’vine Bakery. With pearl borders, hand sculpted roses and the lovely bride and groom topper there is a surprising amount going on in this twist on the classic wedding cake. We loved the icing trousers draped over the side of the top tier. Who’s going to be wearing the trousers?  

Congratulations to our winner Emma, and also our notable mentions. All the cakes showed an incredible commitment to sugarcrafting and baking, which is what the Great Renshaw Bake Off is all about. Thank you once again to Terry Tang for taking the time to judge the competition. 

Be sure to visit back to our blog soon to find out the details of our final challenge.