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For decades we have been the brand you trust for those important celebrations and for adding colour to your everyday creations.

Which Sugarpaste is right for you?

Renshaw Professional
With a range of over 25 colours, this versatile icing is suitable for a variety of applications like covering, sheeting, and model making. View our full range here.
Renshaw Extra
Renshaw Extra is extra firm, stretchy, and smooth, making it ideal for covering tall, sharp-edged cakes and sculpted cakes. It can be rolled thinly without tearing. View our range here.
Covering Paste
A soft-textured paste which is quick to knead, soft-setting and has a sweet vanilla taste. This icing is perfect for smaller single tier cakes. Find out more.
Premium Cover Paste
A slightly firmer and more elastic paste than Covering Paste. It softens easily but retains a firmness and stretch which is ideal for covering larger cakes. Find out more.
Flower & Modelling Paste
This paste can be rolled out, hand modelled, used with cutters, moulds, embossers and formers – perfect for creating intricate details and shapes. View our full shade range here.
Kit Components
We can produce 50g & 100g blocks for adding to your baking kits, or work with you to combine Sugarpaste and our Rainbow Dust decorations together into inspiring kits complete with step by step instructions. Get some inspiration from our existing kits.
Kit Highlight: Shimmer Icing Kit
Our Shimmer Icing Kit comes in 3 shades (Rose Gold, Silver and Gold) and incorporates a sachet of Rainbow Dust Lustre with a colour-matching block of sugarpaste in order to create a simple and professional looking finish. Head to the tutorial page to see just how easy our kits are to use.
Kit Highlight: Personalise Me! Rainbow and Unicorn Kit
This colourful decorating kit is perfect for creating rainbow and unicorn toppers for cupcakes, biscuits or celebration cakes. Includes 4 shades of sugarpaste and a sachet of silver shimmer to add a touch of glamour and allow bakes to stand out amongst competitors. 


For all enquiries contact our customer service team at customercare@jfrenshaw.co.uk or call us on 0151 706 8200 and a member of our team will be in touch to best assist you.

Application Inspiration

Daisy Cake Recipe

These simple daisy decorations are easily replicated using cutters or stamps for a quick application. Perfect decoration for an Easter cake.

Polar Bear Cake Topper Tutorial

With just 3 shades of Sugarpaste, you can create this simple yet cute Christmas cake topper. Could also be scaled down to top cupcakes.

Vegan Sugar Cookies

These 'no-spread' vegan sugar cookies make the perfect favours for all sorts of celebrations, as they are easily customised.