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Sugar Flowers for Mother’s Day

Friday 10th March 2017

Mother’s Day is when we celebrate and appreciate all mums and mother figures! Why not celebrate with a personalised special bake?

Spend the weekend baking and enjoying some tasty chocolate, carrot, lemon drizzle or angel cakes with the family. Flowers and cake are always lovely gifts on Mother’s Day, but you could make your present to her extra special by combining the two and bake your very own flowery creation this year.

We’ve seen ‘cupcake bouquets’, piped royal icing flowers and sugar modelled flowers and… so much more from cake artists from all over the world! Flowers are always on trend, so here are some of our favourite!

Mother’s Day Cupcakes

These cute little cupcakes by Sweetly Baked are easy to create with our range of coloured Ready to Roll Icings or with our Flower and Modelling Paste, if you need the decorations to dry faster. Bake tasty cupcakes, leave them to cool and cover them with a thin layer of icing; you can then start decorating them using various cutters to create small flowers and leaves or shape them yourself accordingly.

We love the range of colours Sweetly Baked used and how they created the rose! Rose petals are easy to arrange, click here to watch our step-by-step video tutorial. We used marzipan, but you can also uses Fondant Icing or Flower and Modelling Paste to model your roses.

Pretty Painted Flower Cake

Does mum prefer classics? Find an elegant floral pattern and recreate it on your iced sponge; even the simplest motifs will impress! Edible paints have now become very easily accessible and hand painted cakes never fail to amaze and inspire. If you don’t want to draw free hand, you can also trace the picture onto grease proof paper and gently transfer it by embossing the pattern gently on the cake. Find the recipe here.

Delicate Daisy Cake

Finally, this is one of our all-time favourites! The Delicate Daisy Cake is perfect for spring and for a celebration like Mother’s Day. Our original recipe for this cake includes marzipan, but you can choose to simply cover your cake with icing instead, although the marzipan really makes it taste incredible.

Use a daisy shaped cutter to get the perfect shape for your flowers and stick them gently to the cake with a little water. Click here to read the full recipe and all our best hints and tips.

And finally let us say… Happy Mother’s Day! Let’s make it special with flowers.