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Star Bakes for Biscuit Week ?

Wednesday 29th August 2018

With an exciting start to the new series of ‘The Great British Bake Off’, bringing us biscuit selfies, wagon wheels and a bunch of new recipes to try out, we are excited share a¬†variety of biscuit baking tips, tricks and inspiration, so you to can challenge yourself to take on ‘Biscuit Week’.

If you think your creations are showstopping designs, why not enter into our ‘Battle Of The Bakes‘ competition where we’re challenging you to upload your own recipes and tutorials for a chance to win baking goodies and a trip to Birmingham for Cake International!

Super Simple Sandwich Biscuits

If you are new to baking don’t crumble, instead, try this brilliant recipe!¬†Made using Renshaw’s yummy Vanilla Frosting and your favourite sweets and sprinkles, we think these little biscuits would go down a treat. If you are tight on time and can’t bake your own biscuits, use your favourite plain biscuits and it will work just as well. Add an extra twinkle and sparkle by decorating with a range of Rainbow Dust Edible shapes and glitter for showstopping designs. Enjoy!


 Tropical Treats


For all the tough cookies out there, this bake made by Melle Blush is the perfect choice to showcase your brilliant biscuit baking skills. Made using Rainbow Dust Powder Colours, these biscuits are a great addition to a summer picnic, or could even make the perfect gift for a biscuit loving friend. Can’t find the shape of cookie cutter you want? Do not fear, use tin foil! Tear off a fair amount of foil dependent on your desired shapes size, and begin folding over neatly about 1cm of the foil at a time. Once the foil is folded, twist and turn until you achieve the shape you want, pin with a paper clip or tape to hold together, and get cutting out. You’re welcome!


 Cute Character Cookies

If decorating biscuits drives you crackers, then these designs will bake your day! Made by Cookielicious NZ, these Disney princess biscuits have a simple yet recognizable design. By choosing key features of the character you are recreating, it makes it easier and quicker to decorate your creations if you are pressed for time or new to using Royal Icing. If you don’t have steady hands why not try using a Rainbow Dust Food Art Pen, to sketch out your design beforehand so you have guidelines for your icing. Stuck for biscuit flavour ideas? Try our delightful¬†¬†White Chocolate and Raspberry, or tasty Dark Gingerbread¬†recipes. Yum!

Magnificent Mermaids


For the more confident bakers, these beautiful creations made by¬†Merci Cakes¬†(on the left) using¬†Royal Icing, are an excellent choice if you enjoy intricate design work. Add detail using Rainbow Dust Metallic Paints to give a reflective sheen to your design and use¬†Pro Gel Colours to customize your icing. For a less detailed version try recreating Chef Nicholas Lodge’s designs seen on the right. Go on, get decorating!


Custom Cookies

Excellent for children’s birthday parties, these biscuits made by FashFlowerCake using Rainbow Dust ProGel Colours¬†are easy and fun to recreate. After covering your biscuit with sugarpaste, simply mix your ProGel colour with a small amount of white fondant and cut out using an alphabet cookie cutter. Have fun!


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