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Spring Cake Pop Blogger Challenge

Wednesday 23rd April 2014

Easter heralds the start of big baking season, but not everyone one is a fan of chocolate, marzipan and fruit cake baking, so for those looking for inspiration beyond lambs, bunnies and almond flavoured marzipan models, we’ve been getting creative with spring inspired cakes and bakes too.

Our 2014 Big Trends Survey told us you want to get to grips with cake pops, so in addition to our handy Flower Cake Pop Infographic, we asked the best baking bloggers from around the UK to get crafty with our new Colour Melts products, and created some spring themed cake pops to spark your imaginations for the coming season.

Naturally, flower themed bakes blossomed, not to mention an array of rainbow colours, using our brightly coloured melts and sprinkles, and spring animals featured heavily too, from adorable chicks to a whole farm yard of cake pop creations. Check out the best of the bunch below.

Cake and Catwalks – Hyacinth Cake Pops

Cakes and Catwalks - Hyacinth Cake Pops

Displaying some serious sugar craft skill, these double decker cake pops by Cakes and Catwalks took inspiration from the not often celebrated hyacinth. Decorating the colour melt dipped cake pops with coloured, cut and shaped flowers using Renshaw Flower and Modelling Paste was an inspired touch, making for a brilliantly life-like and entirely edible bloom.

Find the recipe here.

Chez Mummy – Chick Cake Pops

Chez Mummy - Chick Cake Pops

Who can resist a baby animal come Spring, even if it’s in a cake pop shape and entirely edible? These adorable spring chicks, (though lambs and Easter Eggs feature in Chez Mummy’s blog post too) are simple to create, using either colours melts of melted chocolate, and fondant icing to create the facial details. Too cute!

Find the recipe here.

I’d Much Rather Bake Than – Rocky Road Cake Pops

Id Much Rather Bake Than - Rocky Road Cake Pops

When it comes to making cake pops, flavour often gets overlooked in the pursuit of picture perfect decoration, but the se rocky road cake pops, using the ever popular peanut butter and white chocolate sound delicious. Dipped in sprinkles and finished beautifully with a mini chocolate egg, these beautifully finished creations from I’d Much Rather Bake Than… are too tempting for words.

Find the recipe here.

Caroline Makes – Tulip Cake Pops

Caroline Makes - Tulip Cake Pops

Another beautiful spring flower comes to life in these intricately created tulip cake pops. Sticking flower paste moulded petals around the cake pop base and dipping the final shape in colour melts makes for a beautiful interpretation of a tulip that looks (almost) too good to eat. Displayed in a vase, this bouquet would make a beautiful centre piece for any cake table.

Find the recipe here.

Johnson’s Babies – Rainbow Cake Pops

Johnsons Babies - Rainbow Cake Pops

Simple but effective; using a cake pop machine to create beautifully shaped cake pops, and dipping in our brightly hued array of Colour Melts makes for a bold and beautiful display of cake pops. Rainbows are never more bright than during spring, though they’ve never been quite this delicious before.

Find the recipe here.

I’m Counting UFOs – Easter Egg Cake Pops

Easter Egg Cake Pops

I’m Counting UFO’s was so taken with Easter, her cake pops reflected the most iconic image of the season – the Easter Egg. Making use of the classic pinks and yellows synonymous with the event, these simply adorned cake pops, with funfetti, sprinkles and writing icing detail, are picture perfect and would have made a great treat for Easter Sunday.

Find the recipe here.

Larger Family Life – Easter Chick Cake Pops

Larger Family Life - Chick Cake Pops

Easter chicks were a bit of a theme throughout our blogger challenge, but we love the uniform appearance of these beautifully modelled cake pops, complete with ready to roll icing modelled beaks and royal icing piped eyes. So life-like, they look ready to cheep, we’re not sure we could eat these cute creations, as much as we might like to.

Find the recipe here.

Mum’s The Word – Floral Cake Pops

Mums the Word - Floral Cake Pops

Whether dunked in sprinkles or adorned with wafer flowers, these floral cake pops are easy to make, especially with the little ones, and would make the perfect half term baking activity. Mix up the colours used to make your cake pops, and you’ll having a blooming beautiful bunch of cake pops to enjoy with your friends and family this spring.

Find the recipe here.

Tired Mummy of Two – Animal Cake Pops

Tired Mummy of Two - Animal Cake Pops

Creating picture perfect cake pops around one theme is challenging enough, but creating a cast of characters shows real creativity, which is why we love Tired Mummy of Two’s farmyard animals so much. Lambs, ducks, pigs and dogs all feature, and create the perfect spring time scene. Extra marks for the ingenious use of chocolate curls for wool too!

Find the recipe here.

Baby Budgeting – Sprinkle Cake Pop (Chaos)

Baby Budgeting - Sprinkle Cake Pops

Sprinkles and hundreds and thousands is one of the simplest yet most effective cake pop decorations, but making eh actual cake pop is a whole different matter, as Baby Budgeting details in her refreshingly honest blog. Getting the buttercream and cake mix consistency is all important to ensure a cake pop ball that sets firm and coats beautifully.

Find the recipe here.

All these inspired cake pop recipes have put a spring in our step, and forEmma Jane of Cakes and Catwalks, whose hyacinth cake pops we have awarded top prize for the unique concept, skill in creating the cake pop and immaculate finish – we are awarding top prize in the blogger spring cake pop challenge on account of a dazzling display of sugar craft skill and having fun with the Spring theme – now get to go cake pop mad with a state of the art cake pop machine and a £100 gift voucher for renshawbaking.com should come in handy in for future Spring time cakes and bakes too.