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Sinners And Saints Cakes

Thursday 9th January 2014

So Christmas is over and we’re into the New Year and with it those resolutions we all adopt in earnest. We’re hoping one of yours is to bake some more, after all, the world can never have enough cake!

But maybe you’re feeling the effects of all that Christmas indulging and want to bake some cakes that are a little healthier. Or perhaps that rich, chocolate Christmas cake you slaved over has given you a taste for the decadent? To give you some inspiration for 2014 here are three deliciously sinful cakes and four saintly cakes to feed the sinner and saint in you.


Sprinkle Cake

(Image via Renshaw)

  • Sprinkle Cake. If you’ve got a sweet tooth you want to indulge then this is the cake for you. With lashings of chocolate frosting covering the cake from top to toe and a generous dusting of sprinkles the sugar hit isn’t for the faint of heart. A topping of assorted sweets adds to the fun.


(Image via Cookies & Cups http://cookiesandcups.com/)

  • Brownie Bottom Ice Cream Cake. What could be more sinful than a cake that combines chocolate brownie, chocolate frosting, ice cream and sprinkles! This luxuriant sweet treat comes courtesy of Cookies & Cups and is perfect for anyone looking for a deliciously creamy twist on their cake.


(Image via www.imtopsyturvy.com & www.chelseapetersonphotography.com/)

  • Cake Batter Sprinkles Fudge. From I’m Topsy Turvy comes this amazingly colourful fudge. Using cake batter gives it a familiar cakey taste with that melt-in-your-mouth goodness that you only get from fudge. All the sprinkles make this perfect for a birthday party treat.



(Image via Renshaw)

  • Tropical Fruit Cake (www.renshawbaking.com/recipes/cake/tropical-fruit-cake.html). A fruit cake is a great healthy option, and so easy to make. Yes there’s sugar and butter in the mix, but not in huge quantities so you don’t need to worry too much about the calorie count. The marzipan adds a delightful sweetness without being cloying, and all those raisins, mangos, papayas and sultanas probably count towards your five a day but don’t quote us on that!


(Image via Elizabeth’s Kitchen Diary www.elizabethskitchendiary.co.uk )

  • Chocolate Courgette Cake. Yes there’s definitely some chocolate here but this astonishing chocolate courgette cake from Elizabeth’s Kitchen Diary is loaded with almonds, dried apricots and grated courgette which helps balance it out. A delightfully moist cake that lets you indulge without too much guilt!


(Image via Chocolate Covered Katie http://chocolatecoveredkatie.com/2013/06/12/healthy-cake-recipe/ )

  • Healthy Birthday Cake. If you’re baking a cake for a child’s birthday this wonderful offering from Chocolate Covered Katie could be the perfect recipe. It looks fantastic thanks to the frosting and sprinkles but contains about half the sugar of some supermarket cakes, so hopefully the little tykes won’t go too wild!

Chocolate And Beetroot Cake Bites

(Image via Renshaw)

  • Chocolate And Beetroot Cake Bites. These oh-so cute cake bites combine a moist chocolate and beetroot cake with various colours of our Ready To Roll Icing. These are perfect for parties and gatherings, and the small size means you won’t feel too guilty while you enjoy them.

Have these cakes inspired you do bake a saintly or sinful cake? Share you creations with us on Twitter and Facebook for us to marvel over.