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Seasonal Fruit & Veg Bakes

Tuesday 18th October 2016

Anything and everything can be found in supermarkets these days, but don’t we all prefer fresh, seasonal products over those we find all year round that taste ‘just okay’? Sometimes it’s difficult to guess which fruits and vegetables are in season, but here are some tasty recipes to help you out with that! Carrots, lemons, nuts, pumpkin and more – flavours that everyone will enjoy. Classic bakes with a seasonal twist are perfect for getting us through the colder months.

Blondies for Bonfire Night

Blondies are known as ‘blonde brownies’ to some, so we already know we’ll be on to a tasty winner with these. Unlike brownies though, blondies need a few drops of lemon juice as well to acquire their distinctive flavour. You might usually associate lemons with Summer but they’re actually still in season later in the year, and the zesty flavour makes a great accompaniment to any Bonfire Night get-together. Try out some other variations with coconut, toffee and nuts too.

Marzipan Fruit

Ok, we’re cheating slightly with this one. It may not be real fruit but our Marzipan versions do have a great resemblance to the real thing! Plus, you can’t get much more seasonal than Marzipan which is an Autumn and Winter baking staple for some. We’ve got a guide on creating your own apples and oranges, but don’t let that hold you back from creating any fruits you like. Have a go yourself and see who you can fool!

Pumpkin Bundt for Halloween

We’ve seen Halloween decorations and costumes around for a while already, but nothing gets us more excited for Halloween than the thought of this delicious pumpkin bundt cake. We’ve topped ours with white chocolate and Halloween themed sprinkles, but you can get creative with other spooky toppers. Easy to bake, this bundt will bring a bit of a twist to your typical cakes.

Classic Carrot Cake

Carrot cake surely has to be one of the nation’s favourite bakes! We can’t think of anyone who doesn’t enjoy this tasty classic. In fact, you voted it one of your top 3 flavours in our ‘Big Trends’ survey. Carrot cake is soft and full of flavour, and would make a great tray bake that can be sliced up and enjoyed by as many as possible.