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Say “I Do” To These Gorgeous Wedding Cake Toppers

Monday 22nd June 2015

Say “I Do” To These Gorgeous Wedding Cake Toppers

The cake has always been an important part of the wedding celebration, with everyone watching as the bride and groom make the first cut and then sharing in the delicious cake.

But now wedding cakes have become an art form often far removed from the traditional white, tiered cake. And as the cakes have evolved so have the toppers. What used to be a tiny plastic model of a generic bride and groom has morphed into sugarcrafted creations that often reflect more of the personality of the bride and groom.

Here are some wedding cake toppers that will inject some fun into the day.

Peas In A Pod

This cute little topper gives an interesting twist on the close bond of matrimony. The peas are simple enough to make with their easy shape and simple decorations, and the pod is just a case of wrapping flower paste around until you get the shape you need. Flower paste works best for the pod as it gives the necessary firmness and structure while allowing it to be thin.


This wedding cake topper’s adorable fox bride and groom would be perfect for animal lovers, or based on the surname of the newly-wed couple. Although they look complex to make, when you break them down there are just a few simple shapes at work here. The detail in the fur brings these cute foxes to life, and the perfectly positioned pupils in the eyes create a sweet gaze between the pair.

Traditional Topper

Of course you could go down the traditional route with a bride and groom topper, but give it a cartoony twist. Because of the comic proportions you’ll need to use some support to keep the heads balanced. A stick of dry spaghetti usually does the trick. We’ve also seen a lot of superhero themed bride and groom toppers, from dainty masks to tiny capes. You can add different elements of the couples’ personality into this traditional topper to make it a bit more personal. We love the small details in this particular topper, like the bouquet, earrings and tie, which take the design from simple to elegant.


After the wedding is over the happy couple will be off to enjoy a honeymoon, and basing the topper around their exotic trip puts the focus on the future as opposed to just the big day.

Here we’ve got a cute pair of pandas lounging beneath a palm tree, enjoying their first marital holiday together. The vibrant colours of the lei and grass skirts contrast beautifully against the stark black and white of the pandas. To get the furry finish on the coconuts a small wire brush can be used to rough up your icing.

A wedding cake topper acts as a focal point for the wedding cake, so as much care should be devoted to it as the rest of the cake. Have you seen any wedding cake toppers that you think are extra special? Or do you have an ideal wedding cake topper in mind for your big day? We’d love to see and hear about them, so get in touch with us on social media.