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Rudolph’s sweet tooth: tasty veg-inspired bites

Wednesday 7th December 2016

It’s Christmas Eve and while Father Christmas will be tucking into mince pies and knocking back the sherry, spare a thought for the reindeer who may only be offered the occasional carrot.

We think it’s time to give them something a little different to chomp on, so we’ve put together a little baking inspiration Rudolph would approve of and these naughty reindeer-friendly bakes are just too nice to say no to.

Carrot cake bites recipe

Carrots can instantly become more interesting by making them into… carrots, or rather, delicious carrot cake bites. These sculpted carrot cakes smothered in delicious Tiger Orange ready-to-roll icing make quirky additions to the Christmas banquet, or they can be enjoyed with a nice cup of tea.

Mix the crumbled cake with melted white chocolate to create a malleable paste, then roll it into carrot balls and shapes then leave them to set. Roll out the icing and cut it into circles to mould around the carrots. Edible green boot laces make effective stems. Surprise Santa and his hardworking reindeer with this alternative Christmas treat, or tuck into them with family and friends.

Carrot cake tray bake

Continue the carrot theme by baking a tray of these moist and delicious carrot cakes topped with tasty cream cheese icing and walnut halves. Carrots are a key ingredient, of course, but a trio of season-friendly spices – cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger – bring the festive flavour.

Carrot cakes are more yielding than other sponges, so it’s important to allow your cake to cool in the tin so it keeps its shape. Once iced, keep the cake chilled until it can be enjoyed by hungry humans and reindeer alike.

Chocolate and beetroot cake bites

If you feel like experimenting with vegetables beyond the remit of your Christmas day roast then try making these chocolate and beetroot cake mouthfuls. Once you’ve made the sponge mix, crumble the cooked cake into a bowl and squeeze it together into beetroot balls.

Deep Purple, Ruby Red and Lincoln Green ready to roll icing are the colours you need to transform your cake balls into plump beetroot bites. Use a slender paintbrush to add details like veins to your beetroot leaves.

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