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Royal Baby Cake Topper Ideas: Poll Results

Wednesday 19th June 2013

As royal warrant holders for our almond based products, we wanted to know which sugar paste topper you’d create for a cake to celebrate the arrival of our future king or queen.

We were overwhelmed by the responses here at Renshaw HQ, from the more traditional suggestions to the super creative, and to say thank you, the first 50 entries will receive their free Renshaw Marzipan pack very soon.


We’ve also selected our 5 favourite sugar paste model ideas to share with you, answering the question posed below:

Question: What topper would you make for a cake to celebrate the arrival of the royal baby?

  1. Would have to a symbol of hope and peace for future monarchs reign, a simple dove with royal crown.
  2. A crown or tiara.
  3. I would make a ‘royal’ baby in a carriage… With a jeweled dummy and bottle using metallic paints and renshaw sugar paste. I would also make some ‘royal’ cribs so there was a mixture of the two.
  4. Rattle
  5. I heart my country bibs!

Such creativity and thoughtfulness has given us plenty of ideas for royal related cake decorations, so watch this space for a royal baby cake shaped challenge coming soon. We hope you’ll be ready to roll!

So, the royal baby is due in under a month and we’ve already begun speculating on its gender. What flavor do you think the royal baby will be? What would colour would you make a gender reveal cake to announce Will and Kate’s big baby news?