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NEW – Renshaw Soft Icings

Available now from your wholesale distributor – 15kg Bag in Box

Product Information

A soft icing, when gently heated perfect for pouring, dipping and drizzling. Add butter to make a delicious buttercream.

Flavours Available: • Vanilla – 04092 • Chocolate – 04093 • Caramel – 04097 • Lemon – 04094

Opportunity to launch with bespoke colours and flavours (Volume dependent) • White Choc • Speculous • Strawberry

For more product info – Product Specs

How to use

Heat gently in Bain Marie, stove top or heated kettle. Essential that the icing is stirred whilst heating. Do not heat the product over 55C

We do not advise to heat in the microwave, as this would break down the sugars. If this is your only method of heating, ensure you heat in short bursts, stirring frequently.

Addition of water is possible but a max of 2% to create a thinner glaze.

Freeze thaw stable. Leave un wrapped and allow air to dry the icing. Test on your own application.

Contact wrappable at ambient temperatures.


As Current • Tray Bakes • Drizzling over pastries • Topping/ Dipping Doughnuts • Topping/ Dipping Yum Yums • Tartlets • Cherry Bakewell • Cupcakes • Loaf Cakes • Add flavour • Add colour to the vanilla •

Add water at 2% • Fondant Fancy • Yum Yums

How to make buttercream

You will need:

1kg soft icing

300g of margarine/ unsalted butter

Add soft icing and butter/ margarine into an electric whisk fitted with beater. Beat on fast speed for 2 minutes, scrape down sides and beat again for 2 minutes.

Applications for Buttercream:

Cupcake filling • Doughnut filling • Cake layering • Tray bake topping • Piping