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Renshaw Soft Icings and Frostings

At Renshaw we have been inspiring bakers of all levels for over 100 years. Our quality products have been passed down through generations and we are proud to be part of your home baking experience.

You’ll find inspiration and tips here for using Renshaw frosted icings.


• Give your frostings a good stir before use to loosen them up.

• Create different effects on your cakes and cupcakes by piping with different shaped nozzles.

• You can even decorate with cutlery! Use a spoon to swoop and swirl onto cupcakes, create textures and patterns with a fork, or spread an indulgent layer over cake with a knife.

Don’t overfill your piping bag, this makes it much easier to handle and pipe your frosting.

• Ensure there are no air bubbles in your bag before piping by giving the bag a twist and gently pushing the frosting towards to nozzle.

To pipe a swirl, start in the centre of your cupcake, then work around towards the edges and then upwards in a swirl.


Renshaw Personalise Me Plain Icing is a game changer for all bakers! This innovative frosting allows you to get creative and truly personalise your bakes by adding different colours and flavours for every special occasion, without losing structure – so no sloppy icing here.

Let your imagination go wild and see what exciting colour and flavour combinations you can dream up.

• For the best results we recommend using Rainbow Dust ProGel Colours to create the most vibrant colours for your creations.

• Add only small quantities of food colouring and flavouring at a time, until you achieve your desired effect. Remember to stir well each time before you add more food colour or flavouring.

• Frostings are great for cake filling as well as decorating. Try Salted Caramel Flavour Icing, made with Halen Mon sea salt for a delicious filling.