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Renshaw Royal Icing

Renshaw Royal Icing is a ready to use paste that is ideal for creating intricate shapes & flowers.

It is perfect for covering, piping, detailed work and run outs on both cakes and biscuits.

From classic royal icing covered cakes – ever popular at Christmas time – to wedding cakes adorned in intricately piped lace, royal icing can enhance the most simply decorated cake to something special.


Royal Icing can be used straight out of the pot. Just open the lid, give it a good stir with a spoon until smooth and apply it however you choose.

Different consistencies of royal icing will work better for different applications, and it’s easy to adjust the icing to suit your needs.

The icing has a firm consistency straight from the pot, which is perfect for spreading, coating, snow scenes, piping and adding food colouring.

For a soft consistency, add approx. 2-3 drops of cooled boiled water per 100g of icing. This consistency is best for brush embroidery and stencilling.

A runny consistency can be achieved by adding 6-8 drops of cooled boiled water per 100g of icing. Use this for flooding biscuits and piped outlines.

Top tip: If you need to thicken the icing you can do this by adding sieved icing sugar, 1 tsp at a time until you get the required consistency



If you’re just getting started with royal icing, simple dots, beads and shells are a great place to start. Perfect for piping around the base of your cake, or creating simple patterns for decoration, these easy to master techniques can make a big difference to a simple cake.

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Add to your repertoire with the classy adornments of lines and scallops.

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Lace can add a classy, vintage look to any cake. Decorate with a range of of textures and patterns to add depth and texture. Perfect for wedding cakes.

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Vintage is a still as big a trend as ever, and whilst you can cheat and make use of stencils and paint to create the effect, nothing is more memorable than a hand-piped brush embroidered cake.

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