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Renshaw Icing Solutions

A sugar paste for every cake decorating need…

At Renshaw, we have over 100 years’ experience in cake decorating and our unique range of sugar pastes is preferred by sugarcrafters worldwide. Our secret is the blend of finely milled sugars and specialist gums that we tailor for each of our pastes, ensuring you achieve perfect results for any decorating occasion.

To help you decide which paste is best for your needs we have developed an easy to follow chart which shows end usage of sugar paste e.g. Modelling, Deep Cakes, Petals etc. You can then
review against each Renshaw paste product to find the most suitable product for your needs.


Find out more about the range in our video below, or visit our blog pages for hints and tips on using the products.

Unsure which paste you need? Browse through our product pages below, or consult our handy Renshaw Icing Scale to see which product is best for what you want to achieve.