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Renshaw Extra: Colours

Thursday 1st November 2018

Have you heard we’re going to be adding extra products to our range?

Yes, we actually are launching more Renshaw Extra colours and sizes.

Our Renshaw Extra Ready to Roll Icing has been receiving outstanding feedback from our customers so that’s why we’re giving you more. You just couldn’t get enough of it (literally), but now we’re introducing two more colours in the 1kg pack and six new colours in 250g packs.

You may be wondering what all the fuss is about and why so many people like this product. Well, there are plenty of reasons! First of all, Renshaw Extra achieves amazing results when covering a deep cake due to its elastic properties which make it less susceptible to tearing. This excellent elastic composition ensures that the icing remains strong even when it has been rolled thinly, which is why Renshaw Extra is so good to cover sharp-edged cakes. The thin icing can be gently worked to create the sharpest of finishes.

Another feature we love about Renshaw Extra is the continuity of results in different climates. By this, we mean that it can be used in humid or damp atmospheres without melting and going too sticky. As a result of this, the icing can be used perfectly fine in the summer months (in the UK) and would be suitable to use if your kitchen is rather warm.

Presenting our new colours…

1 kg packs


Very good for covering a deep Halloween cake; this icing would contrast nicely with some white cobwebs made with our Royal Icing. Want to make it a sharp-edged Halloween cake? Even better, black Renshaw Extra is exactly what you need.


Perfect for making a festive cake. Just think about how wild you could go decorating a red covered cake with gold Rainbow Dust edible glitter. Since the Red Renshaw Extra comes in packs of 1kg, don’t hold back!

250g packs


Baby Blue:










Coloured Renshaw Extra has already been released in Australasia and Europe due to the increased suitability of Extra in warmer climates. So, we thought we’d share with you what some amazing cake artists have been getting up to with some of our new colours.

By Samantha’s Cakes – Samaneh Shahryari (Australia)

If you’re a fan of Disney, how can you not be a fan of our new colours? This Mickey Mouse concept is a great way of bringing your cake to life in the form of a character but also making it look just as delicious to eat. Both our Red and Black Extra are sure to do a great job for Mickey or Minnie Mouse cakes.

By Lick the Bowl– Karen Stack (Australia)

Look at the depth of the black sharp-edged cake! Renshaw Extra covers that no problem. If that doesn’t tempt you, we don’t know what will. It’s also brilliant for covering square, rectangle or unusually shaped cakes – just like Karen’s bumble bee creation.

By Melle Blush– Sabine Gulheim (France)

Get a perfect, smooth finish for a simple but stunning cake, just like this beautiful blue celebration cake by Melle Blush.


We hope you’re as excited as we are. Please feel free to share your new coloured Extra cakes with us on social media.

Happy Baking!