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Renshaw Cup Winner returns after 58 years

Friday 13th February 2015

Friday 13th may be unlucky for some, but not for one loyal Renshaw Baker, Patricia Latchford. Today, after a gap of over 58 years we were delighted to welcome back Patricia, accompanied by her husband Jim, to Renshaw Baking HQ.

Back in 1957, Patricia was an aspiring, young baker who was chosen to represent her bakery college in Rochdale as their Renshaw Cup winner for that year. The Renshaw Cup was a prestigious award and one much coveted by bakers of their day.

As a winner Patricia attended the training event, but sadly never got to hold the actual Renshaw Cup. Today we tried to re-create that day and gave her the chance to finally lift the challenge trophy for herself.

Patricia was put through her paces and put her bakery skills into action once more, and was expertly coached by Emma Chamberlain, our very own talented in-house cake decorator. Icing a cake back in 1957 was quite different to today’s modern methods, but Patricia found the icing incredibly easy to work with and the results speak for themselves.

We wish both Patricia and Jim well and hope that they enjoy eating the cake that she created during her visit.