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Renshaw Creamy Vegan Caramel



We’re proud to be able to share our latest product innovation with you, our new Creamy Vegan Caramel. You’ll be familiar with our current range of caramels such as Creamy Injectable Caramel and Luxury Caramel. Now let us introduce you to our plant-based Creamy Vegan Caramel, the latest offering in our strong portfolio of delicious and versatile caramels.



Plant-based food innovations are a key focus of many manufacturers as consumer demand greatly increases every year. With over 600,000 vegans now in the UK, and 56% of Brits adopting vegan buying behaviours, we are excited to be developing our vegan range and sharing our new Creamy Vegan Caramel with you.

As more consumers commit to vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian lifestyle choices, it’s important to offer an inclusive range of products that not only perform as well as traditional products but taste just as delicious.

From dedicated vegan retail aisles to an increasing number of vegan menu options in restaurants and cafes, the shift towards plant-based alternatives shows no signs of slowing down, and we’re proud to be offering new innovation in vegan products.


At Renshaw, we have been perfecting our vegan recipe for 12 months and are proud to launch the first vegan caramel in the B2B sector.

Our innovative recipe has been crafted and perfected by our professional and experienced team here at Renshaw and we are excited to showcase the finished product.


Our Creamy Vegan Caramel is deliciously smooth and creamy, with no compromise on taste or functionality. It has a traditional caramel taste profile, and is not made with coconut milk, so you’ll find it has a creamy and buttery authentic caramel flavour.

The smooth and creamy texture makes it a versatile product for filling chocolates, pastries cakes, and more. It can be used to drizzle over desserts and added to hot drinks as a tasty addition.

Creamy Vegan Caramel is available in 12.5kg pails, ready to use, and has a 6-month shelf life.

Application Inspiration

Perfect for Millionaire’s Tarts
Inject into chocolate shells, donuts and other treats
Secret Centres
Fill cupcakes, muffins and more with a creamy centre
Add a tasty topping to desserts and drinks


Does Creamy Vegan Caramel have vegan accreditation?

Yes, our Creamy Vegan Caramel has The Vegetarian Society Approved vegan accreditation. They are happy with our recipe, and our thorough clean down process. They have provided us with their logo to use on our communications.

Is Creamy Vegan Caramel freeze/thaw stable?

Yes. We have undertaken tests with popular applications and can confirm the product is freeze/thaw stable.

Is Creamy Vegan Caramel bake stable?

No, we do not recommend that you use this product prior to baking applications.

Is Creamy Vegan Caramel made on a plant that uses dairy products?

Yes. Our recipe and clean down regime have The Vegetarian Society Approved vegan accreditation. We have added an Alibi label to our packaging to indicate how and where the product was made.

Is Creamy Vegan Caramel dairy free?

Although no dairy is used in the ingredients for this product, we do not claim that it is dairy free. Our Creamy Vegan Caramel is made on an authentic caramel plant which produces dairy caramel. Our clean down process between production runs has been tested and approved by The Vegetarian Society, and we have added an Alibi label to our packaging to indicate how and where the product was made.

Is Creamy Vegan Caramel suitable for applications like Millionaire’s Slice?

No, Creamy Vegan Caramel is a soft caramel that does not set. It can be used for applications like flooding, injecting and drizzling.

Contact Us

If you’d like to know more about our Creamy Vegan Caramel, contact your Renshaw Account Manager, or email sales@jfrenshaw.co.uk

You can find ingredients and storage information on the Creamy Vegan Caramel product page.