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Red Velvet Blog

Friday 12th October 2018

Wed-Velvet Cake

If you haven’t heard already, Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank will be having a five-tier red velvet cake at their royal wedding. The cake will be designed by Sophie Cabot, whom has already impressed the Duke of York (Eugenie’s Father) previously whilst working on biscuits for an event he hosted. The red velvet cake is said to be flushed down with unlimited tequila cocktails (could be a messy night) as Jack works as a European brand manager of a tequila company.

We want to make you feel like royalty so we’ll give you some inspiration and recipes to make your own red velvet (wedding) cake.

Red velvet heart cupcakes

These cupcakes are such a cute gift for your loved ones, perhaps a good idea for an engagement present? They’re really easy to make and only take 45 minutes but on this occasion, we can safely say you get out more than what you put in. We’re seeing more and more professionals present their wedding cakes with cupcakes at the base and we think these red velvet hearts would do just the trick. Find out more here!

Red velvet cake

For a cake packed with red velvety flavour, this is perfect. You’ll have the opportunity to make it so puffy and soft inside which really brings out the best of the flavour for this cake especially when you top it with our Vanilla Frosting. In order to make it soft and fluffy, our top tip is to use cake flour rather than plain/all-purpose flour. It is also advised that you mix a tiny bit of cooking oil in with your mixture so that the cake doesn’t dry out and remains soft throughout. If you take on board these tips as well as following our instructions and ingredients, you’re in for a treat (literally). Click here to see the recipe.

Vintage lace wedding cake

By no means is this a red velvet cake, but for all we know, you could easily change the filling to red velvet if you follow the previous recipe and layer the cakes. This would literally be the perfect royal wedding cake, and it would blow everyone away. You’ll need to stock up on our White and Duck Egg Ready to Roll Icing to get the best colour combination and you’re good to go; well, apart from many other ingredients you’ll need. Click here to see the full list of ingredients as well as step by step instructions.