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Video: ‘The Perfect Match’ Art Deco Stencil Cake

Learn how to make an Art Deco-inspired cake, how to add a stencil to a cake, and how to add metallics to a cake design. Cake created as part of Renshaw and Rainbow Dusts’ ‘The Perfect Match’ campaign.

Our Ready to Roll Icing range shown in this video has now been replaced by ‘Just Roll With It’ Fondant Icing. ‘Just Roll With It’ is an improved recipe that is easier to use and tastes delicious too! We recommend using Navy Blue ‘Just Roll With It’ Fondant Icing for this recipe.

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Decorating ingredients

  • 250 g Renshaw Navy Blue 'Just Roll With It' Fondant Icing
  • 150 g Piping gel
  • 1 g Rainbow Dust Rose Gold Lustre
  • Renshaw Royal Icing (for attaching ribbon to base)
  • Cold Water
  • Icing Sugar (for surface dusting)


Prepare Your Equipment:

Step 1

You will need: a cake board, rolling pin, smoother tool, knife, rose gold ribbon, small bowl, spoon, a stencil of your choice, straight pins, piping bag, and a small paint brush.

Step 2

Bake a cake of your choice and allow to cool before decoration

Step 3

Watch the full tutorial here: https://youtu.be/qej8dteBpyo

Video Tutorial