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Santa’s Sleigh by Marc Suarez

This stunning Santa’s Sleigh was created by Marc Suarez, Le Doux Collage – winner of Cake Masters’ Sculpted Cake Award 2019!

This tutorial video is demonstrated using a dummy and internal structures but can be transferred to a carved cake.

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Decorating ingredients

  • 1 kg Renshaw Red Extra Ready to Roll Icing
  • 250 g Renshaw Teddy Bear Brown Ready to Roll Icing
  • 250 g Renshaw White Flower & Modelling Paste
  • 400 g Renshaw Royal Icing
  • Rainbow Dust Tylo Powder
  • Rainbow Dust Paint Metallic Dark Gold
  • Rainbow Dust Pearlescent White Sugar Crystals


Step 1

Marc has created a structure to support his design. If you want to transfer this design to a cake you will need to carve your cake into the shape of the seated/back area of the sleigh, and ensure your structure underneath is strong. Cover the cake with ganache and let this set before adding your icing.

Step 2

Knead your Red Extra Icing until smooth and pliable, then add a small scoop of Tylo Powder at a time and knead in until your paste feels firm enough to hold it's shape once added to the structure. Tip: Add Rainbow Dust Ruby ProGel to your icing for a deeper, more festive red colour.

Step 3

Roll your red icing to 0.5cm thickness, then use a template to cut out the shape of both sides of the sleigh.

Step 4

Cover the rest of the cake or structure with panels of red icing to make it easier to cover and gives a neat finish.

Step 5

Shape some red icing into 2 thick squares with rounded edges, and flatten slightly to create the seat cushions. Use a Dresden tool to mark in creases, then shape 2 arm rests. Add to the seating area with a little cooled, boiled water or Rainbow Dust Edible Glue.

Step 6

Knead your Teddy Bear Brown Icing until smooth and pliable, and add small amounts to a mould to create patterns for around the sleigh. Tip: add some Tylo Powder to your icing to make it easier to remove it from the mould.

Step 7

Paint the added details with Metallic Dark Gold paint.

Step 8

Knead and roll out your White Flower & Modelling Paste, then cut into strips to add around the outside edge of the sides of your sleigh. Shape more strips of the paste into the curled runners at the bottom of the sleigh. Once set, paint with Metallic Dark Gold.

Step 9

Use a palette knife to stipple Royal Icing across your board, then sprinkle the Pearlescent White Sugar Crystals on top.

Video Tutorial