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Peter Rabbit Cake

This tutorial was uploaded as part of the Renshaw ‘Battle of the Bakes’ competition.

A 3D rabbit, made from cake and RKT using Renshaw sugarpaste.

Recipe by Kylie Roxbrough-Green

Time to make

Skill Level



40 people

Baking ingredients

  • 340 g Self-raising flour
  • 340 g Caster sugar
  • 340 g Butter
  • 8 Eggs
  • Few drops Vanilla extract

Decorating ingredients

  • 5 kg Renshaw Ready to Roll Icing


Step 1

Start by baking 2 x 10-inch vanilla cakes and 2 x 8-inch (or all 10-inch if you find it easier). Once cakes are cooled, start by levelling and filling the cakes with buttercream in your flavour of choice, then stack them.

Step 2

Once all stacked, I added a centre dowel just for a bit of stability. I started to carve the rounded shape of the body, and at the bottom where the back legs are.

Step 3

Once carved to shape, buttercream the whole body. Once buttercream has set, I then went on to ice.

Step 4

I had premade the head from RKT (Rice Krispies Treats), which is Rice Krispies and warmed marshmallows mixed together, and formed into the shape of the head. I then left this to set.

Step 5

Once set, I iced the head and rolled large sheets to ice the body. I blended any joins and added fur effect. Renshaw Tip: You can use a Dresden tool to gently mark a fur effect into the icing, before it begins to set for a neat finish.

Step 6

Ears were made from sugar paste with Tylo added, and put onto wires.

Step 7

I then went on to airbrush the fur and added detail to finish.