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Mum and Baby Koala Cake by Molly Robbins

We asked Molly Robbins from Molly’s Creative Cakes to design and create a very special cake to celebrate Mother’s Day and this adorable Mum and Baby koala cake is perfect 😍 Here’s what Molly had to say about the inspiration behind her cute creation:

“For this Mother’s Day celebration cake, I was inspired by the instinctual love and care between animals and their babies, especially koalas, as the mum’s carry their babies until they are a year old. I wanted to make something cute and eye catching for an alternative to flowers this Mother’s Day!”

This is our final tutorial of our ‘Cakes & Bakes for Mother’s Day’ but don’t worry because now we have a COMPETITION for you! Each of our six tutorials have featured a word in bold in the bio’s. Rearrange the words to form a sentence and enter here for your chance to win one of six mega hampers of Renshaw and Rainbow Dust products.

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Decorating ingredients

  • 1.5 kg Renshaw Extra White Marshmallow Flavour Icing
  • 250 g Renshaw Black Extra Icing
  • 250 g Renshaw Fuchsia Pink Icing
  • Renshaw Dark Brown Icing
  • Rainbow Dust Powder Colour Black Magic
  • Rainbow Dust Powder Colour Shadow Grey
  • Rainbow Dust Powder Colour Snow Drift
  • Rainbow Dust Edible Paint Metallic Peacock Blue
  • Rainbow Dust Edible Glue
  • Rainbow Dust Edible Glaze
  • Rainbow Dust Edible Glaze Cleaner
  • Molly's Creature Creator Cake Standing Style


Prepare your Equipment:

Step 1

You will need: 12 inch round cake drum, Rolling pin, Sweetstamp Bubblegum set, Brushes, Knife, Dresden tool


Step 2

Start by marbling 250g fuchsia pink sugar paste with 250g white sugar paste.

Step 3

Roll out and cover the board, attach using edible glue.

Step 4

Trim excess paste around the edge of the board and smooth.

Step 5

Use the Sweet Stamp set to select your letters for the message, arrange around the board.

Step 6

Use the stamps to impress into the paste and form the letters.

Step 7

Paint the letter indentations with edible metallic paint and a fine brush.

Step 8

Leave the board to dry.

Step 9

Mix 1.5kg white extra paste with 100g black extra paste to make a mid-grey colour.

Step 10

Roll out 850g of grey paste to approx. 35cm long and 25cm wide, wrap around the cake and pinch excess at the back to create a seam.

Step 11

Trim off excess with scissors or a sharp knife and use a smoother or the heel of your hand to blend the seam. Trim around the base.

Step 12

Use ganache to attach the cake to the board.

Step 13

For the baby koala, roll out a 8cm long oval shape ball and a 5cm ball of grey paste.

Step 14

Flatten the oval shape slightly and use edible glue to attach to the right hand side of the mother koala’s body as shown.

Step 15

Add the head, use edible glue to secure it to the baby’s body, and the mother’s chest.

Step 16

Roll out two x 10cm thick carrot shapes of grey paste to create the mother koala’s legs.

Step 17

Attach the legs to the bottom leg contour of the Creature Creator cake, using edible glue.

Step 18

Form the mother’s arms from grey sugar paste, make 15cm long carrot shapes as shown which taper off to a narrow point.

Step 19

Attach the arms at the thickest point to the shoulder contours, wrap around the body and attach to the baby’s body using edible glue.

Step 20

For the mother koala’s feet, roll out two x 4cm balls of grey and flatten slightly into pebble shapes.

Step 21

Use the thin end of a Dresden tool to mark three lines in the top of each foot to make separate toes.

Step 22

Attach each foot to the end of the legs and shape to stretch the toes.

Step 23

Roll out a 2cm ball of grey for the koala’s hand and squash slightly. Use the thin end of the Dresden tool to mark out four fingers and soften.

Step 24

Use another 2cm ball of grey to roll out the baby koala’s back leg as shown.

Step 25

Roll out a 4cm piece of grey paste to create a sausage shape to form the baby koala’s arm.

Step 26

Cut fingers from the end of the arm to form a hand.

Step 27

Attach the arm to the shoulder of the baby koala, and onto the mother koala’s chest, attach the back leg and then add the mother’s hand over the baby’s body.

Step 28

Use your fingers or a ball tool to mark out eyes halfway down the heads. The baby’s should be around 3cm apart, and the mother’s around 6cm apart.

Step 29

Fill the eye sockets with small circles of white paste to create a background for the eyes.

Step 30

Roll out two x 5cm thick pebbles for the mother’s ears, and 2cm pebble for the baby’s visible ear, flatten the outer edge slightly using the heel of your hand.

Step 31

Attach each ear using the thick part to attach to the head, using edible glue. Blend the join using fingers or a Dresden tool.

Step 32

Repeat with the baby’s ear, halfway down the head.

Step 33

Roll out a 3cm sausage of black, and a smaller 1cm version for their noses.

Step 34

Flatten slightly and attach to the centre of the face as shown, mark nostrils using a Dresden tool, repeat with the baby’s nose.

Step 35

Roll out two x tapered sausages, one approx. 4cm and one 2cm for the bottom jaw/chin.

Step 36

Attach under each nose and blend seams.

Step 37

Indent eye holes using a ball tool or end of a paintbrush.

Step 38

Roll out two sets of eyes, two x 1cm brown balls, two x 4mm black balls and two tiny white highlights.

Step 39

Attach the brown eyes, flatten the black balls into circles and attach to the brown parts, put the pupils so that each koala is looking at the other. Add a small white highlight to the upper right hand corner of each eye.

Step 40

Roll out white tapered sausages, around 2cm long, to make small eyelids around the top and bottom of each eye.

Step 41

Use the thin end of a Dresden tool to mark hair strokes all over the ears and head of the baby.

Step 42

Add fur texture to the ears, arms and body of the mother koala, as well as the face, back and legs.

Step 43

Use edible glue to attach flat black pads to the underside of each foot and toes.

Step 44

Finish off the fur texture on the feet, and any other visible grey part.

Step 45

Roll out small black carrot shapes to create claws.

Step 46

Attach claws to toes and fingers using edible glue.

Step 47

Use black, grey and white powder colours to dust the cake to add colour and shade.

Step 48

Add black to add shadows, inside the ears, around the limbs, neck and underside of the cake.

Step 49

Add white and grey to create highlights, on the chest, paw pads, outside of the ears.

Step 50

Add some clear alcohol to the white dust to create a paint. Use this to add a light highlight on top of the fur and bring it to life.

Step 51

Add edible glaze to the eyes, nose and claws for a realistic glassy effect. 🌟 Top Tip: Use Rainbow Dust’s Glaze Cleaner to avoid having to throw away your brush.