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Scamp and Sweetie Marzipan Puppies

Marzipan is for life not just Christmas, so what better way to demonstrate this than with an adorable modelled marzipan puppy from the Queen of Marzipan Jacqui Kelly πŸ•

Keep an eye on our Facebook page on National Marzipan Day for the chance to name these adorable puppies and win a combined bundle of Renshaw and Rainbow Dust products (including Marzipan, of course).

In the meantime, check out our blog for more Marzipan inspiration here.

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Decorating ingredients

  • 200 g Renshaw Original White Marzipan
  • Rainbow Dust Powder Colour Black Magic
  • Rainbow Dust Powder Colour Dusky Pink
  • Rainbow Dust Powder Colour Pale Terracotta
  • Rainbow Dust Powder Colour Shadow Grey


Prepare your Equipment:

Step 1

You will need: Small paint brush & dipping solution, Medium Dusting brush, Dresden & Ball tools, Craft Knife, Paper lollipop stick (to support the neck)

Modelling your Marzipan:

Step 2

Knead a ball of marzipan until it is smooth and crack free, form into a large teardrop and sit upright on the mat. Push in with your fingers at either side to form shallow indents where the back of the legs will be added. 🌟 Top Tip: Once the packaging is opened remember to wrap the marzipan tightly in plastic food bags as it dries out when exposed to the air.

Step 3

Roll two medium sized balls and flatten then slightly before attaching to either side of the body. If your paste does not stick to itself, you can brush on a little cooled boiled water from the kettle rather than using sugar glue.

Step 4

Dampen the paper lollipop stick and twist down from the neck into the body until you reach the mat. This will support the head but is also useful to hold on to as you texture the fur onto the body and legs using the Dresden tool – Marzipan is the perfect paste to create fur as it is courser than sugar paste.

Step 5

Press in firmly to the middle of the ball of paste for the back legs, to indicate the two part of the leg. Repeat on the other side.

Step 6

Roll two small tear drops for the back paws and with the Dresden tool indent lines to form the toes. Attach under each thighs and fur texture them.

Step 7

Roll two long carrots for the front legs, make sure they are the same length and thickness. At the wider end indent where the ankle will be.

Step 8

Bend the front paws up and indent the toes on the paw as before. Attach the legs to the front of the body, pinching off any excess at the top.

Step 9

Add a smaller carrot shape between the front legs to build out the chest and wrap a sausage shape around the top to bulk out the shoulders. Create fur texture everywhere. Set the body to the side uncovered to firm up so that it can support the head.

Step 10

With another ball of paste the same size as the body tease out a thick neck shape at the bottom that will match onto the body shape.

Step 11

Roll a medium ball and add this to the front of the head to form the muzzle in a triangular shape. Blend the join with the ball tool until smooth. Marzipan is excellent for smoothing away joins.

Step 12

Use the large end of the ball tool to indent the eye sockets and then the small end to push in a hole for the eyeballs. For the eyes you can either use a small ball of pre coloured marzipan or sugar paste or paint them once complete or as I have done you can push in black sugar dragees.

Step 13

Roll two thin cigar shapes for the lower lid and blend these with the ball tool or fat end of the Dresden. Create fatter cigar shapes for the upper eye lids and blend these in (I've tipped the muzzle down in this so you can see clearly).

Step 14

Using the large ball tool add some contours to the head, an indent into the top centre and flatten the sides of the head at eye level. Smooth away any tool marks with your fingers.

Step 15

Cut the mouth shape into the lower muzzle with the craft knife, ensure it goes all the way round. Centre of one eye to centre of the other eye, just like a human face.

Step 16

Push into the ends of the mouth with the small end of the ball tool to lift the smile and to form a wide indent. You can look at images of a Labrador in a book or online to refine the features.

Step 17

Push down with the ball tool to open up the mouth at the front and indent between the top lip and nose area. Roll a small ball of marzipan into a small triangle shape and attach as the nose. Push in the nostrils with the small ball tool.

Step 18

Brushing with a little cooled boiled water attach the head to the body and tilt the head at an appealing angle.

Step 19

Create two teardrop shapes and then flatten for the ears, trim off the excess at the top and attach to the head at the side – not on top otherwise it may look like a teddy bear!

Step 20

Add a large cigar shape for the tail, fur texture to the outer edge also blend the head to the neck with fur texture.

Step 21

Using the Rainbow Dusts add some pale pink and terracotta highlights, marzipan colours very easily so remember to tap off any excess from the brush. Darken around the muzzle and paws with the Shadow Grey, add dipping solution to the Black Magic dust creating a paint – colour the nose, round the outer mouth and top lid of the eyes.

Step 22

Using a little coloured marzipan or sugar paste create a narrow stripe for the collar. Add a tiny pale pink teardrop for the tongue and you can make additional toys, dog bowls or even a friend.