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How to model a Horse

Modelling may seem daunting when you plan the figure as a whole, but breaking models down into basic key shapes makes the process easier. The main shapes for modelling are a ball, a cone or egg shape, an oval, a sausage shape and a rope. Most elements of a modelled figure are made from these shapes, or variations of them. So by starting with the basics you can start to develop your modelling skills from there.

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Decorating ingredients

  • 250 g Teddy Bear Brown Ready to Roll Icing
  • 250 g Chocolate Flavour Ready to Roll Icing
  • 250 g Pink Ready to Roll Icing
  • 250 g Jet Black Ready to Roll Icing
  • 2 pieces dried spaghetti


Step 1

Take a third of the Teddy Bear Brown Icing from the pack and knead until pliable and no cracks appear in the surface.

Step 2

Roll the icing into a ball using the palm of your hands. Cup your hands into a ‘V’ shape and roll the icing between them to create a cone shape.

Step 3

Press into the thinner top end to create a little well, and slightly taper the wider bottom end with the edge of your fingers.

Step 4

Twist two pieces of dried spaghetti down through the top of the icing towards the bottom of the shape. Keep these as upright as possible to offer enough support to the head later. Snap some of the spaghetti off, leaving enough to add the head. These can be adjusted later.

Step 5

Press gently into the bottom of the shape on two sides to create space for the legs to sit.

Step 6

Take a smaller amount of Teddy Bear Brown icing and roll into a ball. Use the palm of your hand to roll this back and forth across the work surface to start creating a sausage shape.

Step 7

Once the sausage shape becomes longer, roll with both hands across the work surface to create a thinner rope shape. Try to roll the rope long enough to create 4 legs from, without making them too thin.

Step 8

Cut the rope in half, and then each in half again to create 4 legs.

Step 9

Bend the legs over slightly at the top and then cut at an angle, so that they sit neatly against the body.

Step 10

To make the hooves knead a small amount of Chocolate Flavour icing, roll into a ball, then into a small sausage shape, roughly the same thickness as the legs. Cut into four pieces.

Step 11

Attach the hooves to the end of the legs with a little water. Attach two legs to the bottom sides on the body with a little water. Stick the front two legs together with a little water and attach to the front of the body so that it looks like the horse is sitting.

Step 12

To make the head, knead a roll a large piece of Teddy Bear Brown icing into a ball and then flatten it slightly. Measure this against the dried spaghetti which should come half way up the head, then trim them to size.

Step 13

Brush a little water on the top of the body to help secure the head, then gently push this onto the dried spaghetti.

Step 14

Roll a small amount of Teddy Bear Brown icing into a ball and trim the back edge off. Attach the flat side to the front of the head to create the elongated part of the horse's face.

Step 15

Use a cone tool to press nostril marks into the face and the thin end of a Dresden tool to mark the mouth in.

Step 16

Roll two pea sized pieces of Teddy Bear Brown icing into cone shapes, and two very small ovals of Pink icing. Flatten the cones and using the wider end of the Dresden tool, press indentations into these. Place the Pink icing in the centre of the ears and then cut along the wider end of each to create flat edges. Attach these to the head with water.

Step 17

To add hair to the horse, taper small balls of Chocolate Flavour icing into thin cone shapes and attach to the top of the head with a little water.

Step 18

Roll a small ball of Chocolate Flavour icing into a long thin rope, flatten slightly and attach around the front of the face like a harness. Trim off the excess at the base.

Step 19

For the tail, taper a ball of chocolate icing into a long cone, flatten slightly and mark in hair with a knife or modelling tool. Attach to the back of the body with water and wrap the wider end towards the front near the legs.

Step 20

Roll two tiny balls of Jet Black icing and attach to the face with a little water to create eyes.

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