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Modelled Dog Cake

Perfect cake for mum’s from their special paw perfect friend!

Recipe by Donna

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Time to make

Skill Level



20 people

Decorating ingredients

  • 2 kg Renshaw Teddy Bear Brown Ready to Roll Icing
  • 250 g Renshaw Chocolate Flavour Ready to Roll Icing
  • 1 pinch Renshaw Pink Ready to Roll Icing


Assembling the body:

Step 1

Fill and stack 4 layers of sponge cake (or more depending on the size you want).

Step 2

Use a knife to carve from the top of the sponge (neck area) out wider, towards the bottom of the cake. Take off a little at a time so that you can control the shape you're making.

Step 3

Keep spare sponge cut-offs to use for the legs. Place these against the front and side of the sponge, shape and stick in place using buttercream.

Step 4

Measure and cut cake dowels to the height of the cake, and insert them evenly in the area that will be covered by the head.

Step 5

Crumb coat the cake.

Assembling the head:

Step 6

Using sponge for the head may be a little heavy, so consider using a polystyrene cake block, or plenty of support in between body and head so that the sponge doesn't sink.

Step 7

Use a sharp knife to shape the head and muzzle, and carve in dips for the eyes and mouth.

Step 8

Roll out two sausage shapes of icing and stick these above the eyes to form the shape of eyebrows. Don't worry about detail now as these will be covered next.

Covering the head:

Step 9

Knead enough Teddy Bear Brown icing to cover the head, making sure the icing is pliable and there are no cracks in the surface. Knead the icing on a clean, dry surface.

Step 10

Dust the work surface with icing sugar and roll out the icing, rotating often.

Step 11

Once the icing is rolled enough to cover the head, lift it over and smooth it out with your hands. Press gently into the eye and mouth indentations so that the icing can move into these. You could also use a balling tool to gently press the icing in and smooth it over.

Step 12

Once the head has been covered, cut away the excess icing with a sharp knife. Use the palms of your hands or a smoother to gently smooth over the icing surface.

Step 13

Roll out more Teddy Bear Brown icing and cut out long oval shapes for the ears. Attach these to the head with a little water or edible glue. You can smooth over the join between the top of the ear and the head to help secure it in place, but will be covering this with a fur effect later.

Step 14

Knead Chocolate Flavour icing until pliable and roll into two balls that will form the eyes. Attach these into the eye sockets with a little water.

Step 15

Roll another ball of Chocolate Flavour icing into a ball then flatten slightly and shape to create a nose. Add to the muzzle using a little water then using a modelling tool or end of a paintbrush, gently poke in two nostrils.

Covering the body:

Step 16

Knead and roll out enough Teddy Bear Brown icing to cover the body and legs. You may need to wrap this around the body rather than lift over the top because of the weight of the icing.

Step 17

Shape and smooth the icing against the body and the shape of the legs, and cut away any excess with a sharp knife.

Decorating the fur:

Step 18

Using a Dresden tool, mark in fur strips along the muzzle, eyes and eyebrows.

Step 19

Mark paw/nail marks into back legs with the Dresden tool.

Step 20

Knead up Teddy Bear Brown and use a garlic press to create fur. Stick the fur around the body, top of the head, ears and legs using a little water.

Step 21

Knead and roll out a small amount of Pink icing. Cut a tongue shape using a sharp knife. Measure the tongue against the face and trim to size. Attach into the mouth indent using a little water.