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Disco Cake

How to make and decorate a disco themed cake, with disco ball cake topper using ready to roll fondant icing.

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Time to make

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25 people

Baking ingredients

  • 750 g soft butter
  • 750 g caster sugar
  • 12 eggs
  • 750 g self-raising flour
  • 220 g soft butter
  • 700 g icing sugar
  • 1 tbsp vanilla extract
  • 4 tbsp milk
  • Raspberry Jam

Decorating ingredients

  • 250 g Renshaw Grey Ready to Roll Icing
  • 250 g Renshaw White Flower and Modelling Paste
  • 250 g Renshaw Dahlia Black Flower and Modelling Paste
  • 750 g Renshaw Fuchsia Pink Ready to Roll Icing
  • 250 g Renshaw Jade Green Ready to Roll Icing
  • 250 g Renshaw Jet Black Ready to Roll Icing


Baking the cake:

Step 1

Cream butter and caster sugar together. Add eggs, sifted self-raising flour and vanilla extract and mix.

Step 2

Line three 10 inch round tins with grease proof paper and divide the mixture into the three tins. Bake at 160°C for 45-60 minutes. Take out and leave to cool on a wire rack.

Step 3

Make the icing sugar by creaming the butter, milk and vanilla extract together until creamy then add the sifted icing sugar and beat again.

Step 4

Sandwich the three layers together with jam and butter cream in each layer. Crumb coat the outside of the cake with butter cream.

Decorating the square cake:

Step 5

Place cake on a 14 inch square cake drum. Roll out the black icing and cover the top of the cake. Roll out and apply the fuchsia icing onto the sides of the cake.

Step 6

Cover the edges of the board in jade green icing.

Step 7

Colour the white modelling paste different colours then using a 4 cm square cutter, cut out 25 coloured squares and arrange on the top of the cake.

Step 8

Find some dancing silhouette images. Re size, print out and cut out using a cutting knife. Use these images as a stencil to cut out on to the black modelling paste. Allow the silhouettes to dry then using edible glue apply to the front of the cake.

Step 9

Using a number cutter, cut out the required number and again using edible glue stick this on to a round piece of coloured modelling paste.

Decorating the disco ball:

Step 10

Using a 6 inch polystyrene ball, dampen the outside with a brush and water. Roll out the grey icing and cover and smooth over the entire ball.

Step 11

Mix some grey icing with white modelling paste, then cut out lots of squares measuring 15 mm and arrange on to the ball with water and a small brush.

Step 12

Once the ball is covered, spray using edible silver spray. Once dried, insert a dowel into the ball and then into the centre of the cake. Apply a small amount of royal icing to help hold the glitter ball in place.