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Construction and Digger Birthday Cake

How to make 2D decorations for a construction and digger birthday cake using Renshaw Flower and Modelling Paste.

Recipe by Polly Swinney

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Time to make

Skill Level



50 people

Decorating ingredients

  • 250 g Renshaw Flower and Modelling Paste
  • Various high concentrated gel food colours
  • Cornflour


Making 2D Decorations:

Step 1

To make the 2D diggers, you will need a print out of a simple digger shape. I usually find a child's colouring page is the best to use and is easy to find on google. Print out on paper and cut out.

Step 2

Colour your Renshaw flower paste into different colours. I used yellow, brown, black, white and red. Knead a small amount of colour at a time into your paste, adding more as you go along to get the shade you need.

Step 3

Sprinkle the cornflour onto the worktop so that your petal paste does not stick to the worktop. You will then need to roll out your colours and using a scalpel, cut the shapes using the print out as a stencil.

Step 4

Next you will need to use a little water as a glue to stick the wheels and windows etc onto the diggers. If you are going to put the diggers onto a round cake like I did, I shaped my diggers on the outside of the cake tins I had used to bake the cakes so that they would be the same shape curve as the cake and would fit perfectly onto the side of the cake. If you are doing a square cake you can leave them flat.

Step 5

You could also add finishing touches like silver hubcaps using silver lustre dust mixed with vodka and painted on, or a personalised number plate. Just have fun and experiment. This could also work with a farm theme or a emergency vehicle theme. Happy baking!